Friday, October 26, 2012

TGIF! Happy Weekend!

Friday's workout: Treadmill Intervals for 30 minutes. Total mileage: 2.5 miles.

My workout buddy/personal trainer met me at the gym on our normal day off from Insanity. Since we already had 2 days (Monday and Tuesday) off from Insanity, we decided we needed to work out this morning too. The group fitness room is used on Friday mornings for a spin class though, so we moved our workout to the treadmills.
My speed alternated between walking (3.6) all the way up to running (8.something). We side stepped (wow, that was scary at first the whole time) and ran backwards. I couldn't believe I didn't go flying off the tread while side stepping. I get a gold star!

Yesterday I started thinking about my goals for my upcoming marathon on November 11th. Check out the flat course!
ELEVATION (ft)05.2310.4615.6920.9226.15495528561Flat and fast is the saying, however my race will just be one and it's not fast.

 My training has been inconsistent at best and I am nowhere near the shape I was in at this time last year. However, I did feel great on my 20 miler. I am just choosing to ignore the fact that I only did one 20-miler.

Last year I was cruising along running the Columbus marathon as a training run. It was my 7th marathon and only 2 or 3 weeks before the race I was really training for.

So I've decided I need to set a couple of goals (a main goal and a couple backup goals) for the race. I've been giving them some thought and will share them soon!

Happy Friday! 

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