Monday, October 1, 2012

11.25 + 4.75 = Long Run

Friday's workout: Eating Mellow Mushroom pizza!
Saturday's workout: 11.25 mile run
Sunday's workout: 4.75 mile run; 4 or 5 mile walk/hike

I finally ventured back to running group this weekend! I was smiling like a little kid in the car on the way. I LOVE my running group, and I have really missed all of my RG friends. It felt great to be back.

However, my run was interrupted by a little episode.

I'll spare you the details but it includes being sick and cutting the run short. The 2..25 miles I had to run back to the store after puking the episode were NOT FUN.

The rest of Saturday was filled with much more fun things such as a Thai cooking class and a wedding! I'm hoping to get a few pics of these from other people soon, but I was bad and didn't take any.

The moon was still out when I started my run
Sunday morning I got up nice and early to finish the mileage for the weekend. "They" say as long as it's within 24 hours it counts....I'm not sure who "they" are, but I'm going with it for this weekend.

I got another 4.75 in nice and early. I made myself go harder (at least 1:10 min/mile) than my run on Saturday. I could definitely tell I had done 11.25 the day before!

Sunrise as I finished my run

I wasn't happy to have to split up my run, but you gotta do what you gotta do, right?!

Sunday afternoon I met a couple of girls for a walk in the park...which turned into a 4 or 5 mile walk/hike. It was so gorgeous out, we couldn't resist! 

I finished the weekend lounging and watching football. My legs were ready for a rest!

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