Thursday, March 31, 2011


Tuesday night I tried a Yoga Sculpt class. Picture hot yoga with hand weights - holding warrior 2 while doing bicep curls. I'm still deciding how I felt about it, pretty sure from the screaming, my shoulders didn't like it - but most likely needed it. The normal instructor was out of town so I will definitely try it again since I have taken a different yoga class with her and really liked her. We'll see how that goes.

It's been fun trying some new classes along with my running and bits of swimming and cycling.

All day Tuesday and Wednesday I geared myself up for my first master's swim practice. After work on Wednesday I was so nervous I felt like I was going to puke. All the nervousness from every first I have ever experienced was all rolled into one. I had made sure to drink lots of water, eat a snack, pack my gym bag very carefully and finally it was time to head on over to the gym.  I get all ready in the locker room and walk over the aquatic center door when the sign hanging up seems to be neon and flashing at me. I was an hour late. 

What????!!!!  How could this be?

In my defense I called Tuesday to see if I had to register or anything and they confirmed to me that practices are held Wednesdays from 7-8. They were wrong. Practices are from 6-8. I was so mad, so frustrated, so disappointed. So I went home. 

Thankfully I had gotten a run in earlier. And a little rest - when apparently I should have been at practice.

There's always next week.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


My legs felt amazing on Sunday. I was shocked. Still am, really. I felt the best I ever remember feeling after a 20 mile run. Victory! I think this was my reward for all of my self pep talks last week.

So, what do you do on a Sunday afternoon then? A Yoga Pilates Fusion class of course. If your legs feel good, might as well make your abs sore.

Leslie and I decided to try the class together and we both enjoyed it. There was a strange selection of music - Lionel Ritchie and Peabo Bryson for instance - but it was a good class. And even though my legs felt good, they enjoyed the stretching too. My abs are still sore.

Yesterday I swam for about an hour. I struggled the whole time. I really didn't want to be there. I kept thinking about everything else I would rather be doing. This is not a good tactic, I don't recommend it.

Finally I told myself to stop it, refocused my brain on more positive things and got into a bit of a groove. Then - after a few laps - my feet started cramping. Ugh! I decided it was dehydration and I need to start bringing a water bottle to the pool.

I did reward myself with a soak in the spa.

But the biggest reward was seeing T, Aaron, Dean and Wyatt one last time before they head back south today. I loved being able to see them so much, hearing all the funny things Dean says in person and the QT T and I were able to have over breakfast and shopping. And holding the cute little snuggle nugget Wyatt. He obeyed my rules of no crying and spitting up while being held by B. Good baby!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

No Surrender!

Twenty Miles.

That's a long way. Mentally and physically. All week I was trying to mentally and physically prepare myself for this run. The formula for this is: gallons of water, tortellini, banana pancakes, hot pink compression socks and a thousand self pep talks. 

I think it worked.

The weather turned much colder for the weekend. Between 8 a.m and noon on Saturday the temp was supposed to feel like 18 - 27 degrees. That's quite a big difference too when it comes to running. I would dress much differently for a run in 18 degrees than I would for a run in 27 degrees. So the stressing about what to wear began Friday afternoon. We were also greeted with windy conditions Saturday morning - 10 to 20 mph winds. Awesome! My usual pack of running buddies were not at this training run and the half marathoners were doing a different route - we usually are together for at least the beginning. Thankfully Amy was there. We have run together a few times and I am extremely grateful she was there.

We did something a little different in the morning. Paul (Mr. Mojo) gave us a mantra to help us through this run. He held up a white flag and told us our mantra this week is "no surrender". He then placed the flag in the doorway and asked each of us to stomp on it as we left the store for our run, and again on our way back in after we conquered the 20 miles. It was a little cheesy, but I liked it. It gave us a sense of being a team, it reminded me of high school cross country and our "Kill the Hill" shirts and all those silly things we did to get us pumped up for a big race, meet or game.

I actually kind of forgot about the mantra until the last 2.5 miles. Amy and I had taken a wrong turn, so at one point we were going the opposite direction of our fellow runners. They all kind of looked at us funny and we just waved. We had to add on a little bit to make sure we hit 20 and on our way back in I said "we can do anything for 2.5 miles",  Amy very quickly added "except complain! No surrender!". We each had a great run, no complaining and no surrendering.  It was the farthest Amy had ever run which is always a great accomplishment. We ended at 20.5 miles which I thought was pretty good since we had to improvise our route.

The biggest hill on the route came with an exhausting headwind - at about 9 or so miles in. That was the toughest part and also our quietest part. The great thing about running 20 miles with someone you don't know very well is that you can talk forever because you have so much to learn about the person. I felt way better at the end than I did after our 18 miler a few weeks ago. 

It felt so good to walk back through that door and stomp on that white flag.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Breaking In

This was the perfect weekend and start of the week to break in all the new things in my training!

Saturday afternoon Marc and I took our road bikes out for a spin. I managed to get clipped and unclipped without falling once! We were only on the trail, so not much stopping was required, but I forced myself to practice quite a few times.
And more shockingly, Marc forgot to record the occasion, so I don't even have proof of NOT being clumsy for once in my life.
Where can I get a skirt like that to bike in?

Adorable little Lily got to break in her new bike this weekend too. Lily turned 3 on St. Patty's day and this fabulous pink princess bike was one of her gifts. It is WAY cooler than my new bike. I'm jealous - maybe she'll let me borrow it sometime!

Monday morning I broke in my new running shoes. It was over 60 already at 5:30 a.m. Hellllooooo spring! The shoes felt great and I didn't even need my running light in the dark. They are so bright they lit the way like Rudolph's nose.

Monday after work I got to break in the new gym and pool. There was a slight delay as the pool was temporarily closed due to lightening. Who knew? I felt like a kid waiting for adult swim to be over sitting on the bench in the aquatic center waiting for the lifeguards to let me in. Then I relaxed in the spa. How I love hot tubs. This might be my new reward after a good swim work out.

Saturday, March 19, 2011


I finally bit the bullet and changed gyms. I was nervous, but I think it's the best decision. I wish I had done this in January, but live and learn! My new gym - Life Time -  is only a few minutes away so I am hoping swimming becomes less of a hassle and more enjoyable. They also have a Master's swim program. It makes me laugh to think I could join a Master's program, but they assured me there are all levels. I'm pretty sure I will either a) be kicked out and told to go join the Tadpoles swim lessons or b) the warm up will be more than enough of a workout for me and I'll be spent in the first 20 minutes - I think this will exponentially increase my chances of drowning. They have a lot of spin classes and a huge studio. They also have a running club, triathlon club and cycling club. I think they have it all.
I know, it looks scary, doesn't it?
I finally picked up my cycling shoes last night and practiced clipping and unclipping from the safety of my living room last night. I was very stylish with my jeans pulled up over my knees, my hot pink compression socks and my cycling shoes.  Good thing I was inside my own house. Sidney definitely gave me some strange looks though. Marc and I are planning on taking this show on the road this afternoon. I hope I have some bubble wrap and band-aids. This could get ugly.

My short long run went well today. It was a down week, but I've already started mentally preparing for 20 miles next weekend. And real swimming this week. Coach and everything. Yikes, what have I gotten myself into?!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Yesterday was supposed to be swimming and spinning. However, I hardly slept Sunday night so I was a bad wannabe triathlete and did not get up and go to the pool. I blame the time change. Gotta blame something, right?

I did meet Sarah for a fabulous night of catching up and spinning though. It was my first spin class with this instructor and she was great. I climbed the hardest, biggest, steepest nonexistent hill of my life. Now I am even more excited to hopefully get a real ride in on my new bike this week. Thursdays predicted temp is near 70 - woohoo!

I got an email today that the sample sizes for my tri club's tri kits (tri shorts and tri shirts) are now in. I can't wait to go try them on and get mine ordered. Unfortunately it doesn't look like they will be here before my first real tri. Bmmer. Guess that means I have to keep on going...

Tomorrow could bring some more changes to the training program - hopefully all good, positive, helpful changes. Time will tell.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Awkward Shamrock

This beautiful Saturday was the traditional Shamrock Shuffle in West Chester. Last year it was raining for the race, so the perfectly clear sky, sun and warm temps were extremely welcome. It's a great race that raises money for several different local community charities. It's nice to race a shorter distance every once in a while to see where I are at in my training. It's a nice change of pace. Literally.

I did pretty well. I have no idea what my PR is for a 10K, I don't think I've done one since the Shamrock last year to be honest. Which may have been the day after I got my boot off for my stress injury. [UPDATE: The only other 10K time I looked up for me was in 2009 and I finished in 49:45. I am still happy with my time from this past Saturday though. I mean, I am SO much older now after all.]

There were a few awkward moments at the race today:
  • Passing a guy in a kilt I say "nice kilt". His response: "It's all about the freedom". do you respond to that?
  • Encouraging my friend's son who is half my age for the first 2.5 miles only to have him kick my booty on the hills.
  • Almost running over a kid in the last 30 feet of the race as I'm running as fast as I can and he is walking directly across the race course looking behind him.
And the results are:

90 BETHANY CROSBY 31 F LOVELAND OH 51:44 8:20 9/108 F3039X 21/247 F

Let me translate that for you. 90th overall. 51:44 time. 8:20 pace. 9th out of 108 in my age group. 21st female out of 247. I'll take it. I had no idea what to expect or even how that time compares to any other 10K I've ever done, but I like what the results tell me.

Tomorrow is supposed to be another beautiful day, although a little chillier. So hopefully I will get to practice on my bike without my shoes and go for another run.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Bikes and Break Throughs

A lot of new things have been going on the past few days!
Like this bad boy (or girl - name has yet to be determined). I spent 6 hours in the car on Sunday driving to Mansfield to purchase this fabuloso road bike. It was a long time in the car alone, but a stop for breakfast with Dana at the Northstar Cafe in Columbus (the Big Burrito had been occupying my dreams for weeks!), and a somewhat good (somewhat weird) audio book helped the time fly by. Ed taught me more about the bike than humanly possible in an hour in his basement - fit, training, maintenance. I am so grateful to be able to have this bike and to have an amazing MS 150 team to ask questions and encourage me along the way. I am also extremely overwhelmed. To go with the fabuloso new bike, I ordered these shoes.

Marc has already declared he will be recording me the first time on the bike with the shoes. I'm sure that will get replayed a million times. It makes me laugh just thinking about it.  I might wrap myself in bubble wrap the first few times. I am terrified of falling, but know this is what makes my bike a Big Girl bike. I am excited, overwhelmed, nervous and down right scared all at the same time. The shoes should come in March 16 which is exactly one month before my first real tri. I hope the good ole Cincinnati weather cooperates enough to help me learn to ride my bike before the race.
I think I need to go breathe into a paper bag now.

Sometimes things just work out so well it amazes me. The bike is one example. Also, I went to try on shoes and the girl that ended up helping me runs with the same running group I do, belongs to the same tri club as I do, is an Iron(wo)man athlete, and a master's swim coach at Lifetime. She was so helpful and so encouraging. So I bought the shoes. :) Maybe if I start hanging around her, her swimming ability will just rub off on me.

In other not so exciting news...I was swimming today and all the sudden I couldn't remember how many laps I had done. Before I knew it I was flipping to go back the other way...and my thoughts the whole time were not "what the heck am I doing, I am not good at this, why can't I breathe, this sucks, can I stop yet, or I hope the other swimmers aren't laughing at me". I was just swimming. Maybe not so graciously or quickly, but I had found a rhythm. This felt like a major break through to me. I admit that some most of the laps were breast stroke, but I did more freestyle than I had any other time. I swam for more consecutive minutes than I ever have before. I declare this a victory.

p.s. eventually I will work on my photography skills, sorry for the bad pics. It is on my to do list. Unfortunately that list is a million miles long. If only there were more hours in a day...

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Awkward & Awesome (the lost blog returns home!)

Looook what I found! How amazing is that. It only took me a week. Go me!!!!

A couple of my favorite blogs do Awkward and Awesome Thursday and I love this concept of celebrating the awkwards and awesomes that happen to us each week. For the real deal take a peak at Sarah and Sydney's Awkward and Awesome for this week. Since I don't feel like talking about my training today, I'm joining them.

  • Writing Awkward and Awesome Thursday on Friday at 2:20 a.m.
  • Putting my swim cap on Sunday morning for my tri. Made me thankful I had chopped off my hair. Who invented these awful things? 
  • Being so excited after registering to run with Dean that I could hardly breathe.
  • Meeting the amazing Pioneer Woman on Friday and seeing how excited Sarah was. Five hours of waiting made the meeting all the sweeter.
  • Finally being able to register to run with Dean after trying all day.
  • My countdown clock is counting in days now instead of months and days until my favorite family that lives in Texas comes to visit!

  • These amazing socks arrived in the mail this week and I am contemplating wearing them to work  tomorrow today to prep my legs for Saturday's 18 mile run. I just might show them to everyone too!
Hope everyone has a great weekend. I've got swimming, carb loading, 18 mile run, mountain bike shopping, fab date night with Marc, yoga and a 5 year old's birthday party all on the agenda. I'm looking forward to all of it after this loooong week!

Awkward & Awesome Take 2

Since last week's edition of Awkward & Awesome was never found, I've decided to attempt it again. I know you're excited!

* Running with someone for the first time and making it back just in time to puke. Twice. I can barely sit up long enough to type this. Dizzy. Stomach hurts. Might puke again. Ugh.
* Attending my first quarter auction, winning nothing, except queen for next month. Can you say tiara?
* Having a complete meltdown Monday night over my foot. I was in denial, but the stress injury appears to be staging a coup. I'm not giving up yet.
* Marc telling me I look pretty and my outfit is dumb in the same sentence today. I almost warned him he wouldn't like my outfit. Made me laugh though.

* Fabulous bike ride on Sunday with Marc in 60 degree weather and seeing at least 6 deer chase each other in a field. Unfortunately I did not have my camera. Fortunately Marc did not have his bow.
* Marc has sisters. This definitely helps in his amazing ability to handle my meltdowns and helping me laugh at myself for "being such a girl".
* Attending my first quarter auction, winning nothing, except queen for next month. Can you say tiara?
* Surviving my first 18 mile run since 2009. 
* Registered for another tri (a real one this time). This will change to an awkward on race day.
* Going to Kroger with Marc and my coupon binder this weekend and saving 32%. I think Marc was only mildly embarrassed.
* Annoying people that talk and text during movies, kids that can't work cash registers, and restaurant managers that don't know how to seat tables attempting to wreak havoc on our date night this weekend. We showed them and had fun anyway. Ha.