Tuesday, July 31, 2012

A Little Bit Obsessed

I, like everyone else in the world, have been obsessed with watching the Olympics. It doesn't matter what sport. There is just something about watching elite athletes doing their thing in front of the whole world. So inspirational!

We had the last minute opportunity to go to the Reds game last night, so no work out happened on Monday. Good things we got those 5 miles in on Sunday!

I'm hoping to get my sneezy face a work out tonight before meeting the girls for some wine. We'll see how that goes. I might procrastinate with editing pictures from Boston and Baltimore...unpacking....or doing laundry.

Monday, July 30, 2012

We're Baaack!

Oh boy! What a vacation we had! But I'll post more on that later.

The boyfriend and I were both sick (allergies and sinus issues) the week before we left. It left me very worn out. We wanted to make sure we felt 100% for our trip, so we tried to get some extra sleep and we both took a lot of this:
and this:

And they are wonder drugs!

We were hoping to get at least 2 runs in on our vacation, but we ended up only getting one in. The weather in Baltimore was frightening (115 the day before we arrived!) and our train arrived in Baltimore late so we didn't run at all in Baltimore.

We did run in Boston where the weather was AMAZING. 

We walked a mile from our hotel to the path along the Charles River. I love running in new cities and discovering a different side to the city.

We walked a TON, so I think that counts for something workout wise as well!

And how could I not love a guy that will get off a plane at the end of vacation and run 5 miles with me right away?! We're cranking it into gear to get ready for the Air Force Half marathon in September!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Bean Town

While I am away exploring Bean Town, hop on over to http://twoitchyfeet.blogspot.com/ and encourage Jen to give a duathlon a try! Hope you are all having a great week!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Tweet Tweet

I gave in.

If you just can't get enough of RunnerB, now you can follow me on Twitter too @RunnerB9

I'm not sure how much I'll tweet, but I'd lover for you to follow me. I need to learn how this thing works first though, ha!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

A Cincinnati Night

Tuesday's afternoon workout: Dreadmill intervals - 3 miles
I was limited on time as I got stuck at work later than anticipated and had a date with the cousins that I couldn't be late for! So, 1/4 mile repeats it was! Three miles was less than I had hoped to get in, but I have to remember I was going at a much faster pace every other quarter mile than normal. 

First speed workout in quite a while - and my legs are still attached!

It's a good thing I managed to get two workouts in yesterday, because I ate not one, but TWO Cincinnati favorites last night!

That's right, Skyline followed by Graeters!

The best thing about family visiting from out of town is that you are forced get to indulge in the Cincinnati cravings with them. And who could deny these sweet faces the privilege of understanding the Cincinnati cravings?
Eddie, Maya, Luke and Jack enjoying their cones
This girl was super sweet even before the ice cream indulgence:

I just LOVE her. I see her once (maybe twice) a year, but she is the sweetest thing. It's like we see each other every day.

The kids entertained us with their dancing and modeling skills.
If you order a kid's size and they ask if it's for a kid, the answer should be YES, because you get candy eyeballs:
If you say no, you just have to hope your sister is nice enough to share so you can have cyclops ice creams!

The boyfriend joined us at Graeters, I'm glad he got to meet more family, although I'm sure he is getting tired of being paraded around. I'm just so excited for him to meet everyone!

It was a BUSY night day.

My sister sent me this sunset pic. Pretty, yet blurry, finish to a great day!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Monday's workout: postponed until Tuesday morning
Tuesday's a.m. workout: weights

I had planned to run Monday after work, but then a friend asked me to run Tuesday after work. I am trying not to run back to back days to lower any chances of injuring my foot. An injury is just about the last thing I need right now!

So, weights it is Monday after work - or so I thought. I worked later than planned and was anxious to go visit my friend Tara, so I decided a morning workout today would be the answer.

That means no hitting snooze at 5:20 a.m.

 All the essentials for a quick weight work out.

I'm glad I got something in this morning to make up for last night. Although several hours uninterrupted with Tara was well worth not working out. We laughed and talked and talked and laughed. We gave advice, took advice and told stories.

It was so nice and refreshing - and exactly what I needed.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Weekend Review

Friday's Workout: Walking Piper Dog
Saturday's Workout: 3 mile run
Sunday: Piper Dog walking: 2.5 miles over 2 walks

Ooooh, what a weekend!

There was a lot of this:
I was a hot mess for a while this weekend. 

Fortunately I managed to eat some ice cream. (This  pic is not from this weekend, but I have been wanting to share it with you!)

Who says kiddie creations are just for kids?!

We missed out on my running club's trip to the lake because of me being sick. I was very sad to miss it, but I'm sure it was the smart decision to make.

I did venture out and made an awesome purchase in preparation for our upcoming city travels.
 I heard they were comfy, but I didn't believe it until I put them on. Holy cow, comfort! I went with some boring classics, but they will be versatile. I have my eyes on some of the ballet flats...

And since the boyfriend bought a pair as well, we donated TWO pairs to someone in need!

I managed to make it out to dinner with my friend Tara and her  husband so they could meet the boyfriend while they are in town from Texas. I might have been more like a zombie than myself due to the mucinex and a couple glasses of wine.

We went to the Dilly Cafe in Mariemont. They have amazing food and live music every weekend. If you haven't been there, you should check it out!

Sunday was the day for grocery shopping and trying to catch up on some reading while clearing my head (literally and figuratively)
These are OLD, I haven't been reading much lately!
cloudy yet perfect for head clearing
Thankfully I'm starting to feel better. I hope it doesn't come back, I don't want to be sick for my upcoming trip!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Everything is Better Outdoors

Thursday's Workout: Walking Piper Dog, Pinterest and Yoga

It was another beautiful day, made more amazing with the arrival of my favorite Texas residents safely arriving in good ole Ohio yesterday afternoon!

So of course I popped over there for a quick visit after work. I can't let them be in town for more than a few hours before I see their faces!

Piper dog and I went for a nice long walk as soon as I got "home".
Apparently it was too bright out and I couldn't really see what I was doing. I am an awesome photographer.

After our walk I decided another quick pinterest workout would be nice before yoga. I kept it quick and easy again, but just wanted to do something.
                                            At Home Workout work-it-out
My gym does Yoga Under The Stars every so often, and last night was another session. It ended up being Yoga Under The Clouds, but at least it didn't rain! I missed the last one, so was super excited to meet Katie and Justine for this class. It was a perfect evening.
We began class as the sun was reaching it's final moments of setting. It was cool outside, there was a nice breeze and not a bug was in sight.

This was a restorative yoga class and just what I needed after a hectic first 4 days of the week. Although at times it felt like torture in the midst of the deep stretches.

If I could do yoga outside every day, I think I would. It was so peaceful. I think I like every type of workout better outside - running, soccer, swimming, cycling, yoga.

One last photo from the end of the night just to completely blow you away on my photography skills:
 This is what happens when you are not supposed to be moving but are trying to take a picture anyway and not be noticed. Ooops.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Better Than Nothing

Tuesday's Workout: Strength moves via Pinterest
Wednesday's Workout: Walk Piper Dog, Run 3 miles

Tuesday I just wasn't feeling it, so I decided to try to find something quick, so I hopped on my Pinterest and decided on this:    

Simple enough, yet still a decent sweat inducing workout! Best of all, I could do it while I was browning the turkey for our turkey tacos!

Wednesday evening the boyfriend and I set out for a run. I've been trying to take advantage of the cooler temps - it's only been in the 90s! We decided to do something different than just run around the neighborhood and we ended up running to a nearby nature preserve.  

We didn't know what we were doing and I didn't have my Garmin on, so we didn't venture on to any of the trails, but after checking out the map, I think we will next time!

This week's workouts have been pretty boring, but they are better than nothing!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Just Another Manic Monday

Monday's Workout: 25 minutes elliptical a.m., 3.5 mile run after work, Softball game canceled.

Weekend recap is still come - some slight picture and time issues have been occurring.

So, everyone hates Mondays and everyone knows how much I have been hating them lately...so what to do on a Monday morning after a 5 day weekend?

I apologize for the crappy "I'm in the gym taking a picture with my phone" picture

Wear pink and orange ballet flats to brighten the day, of course!

I managed to sneak 25 minutes on the elliptical at the gym this morning, I figured I was late, but could still get something in. I thought I would have a softball game too, so I knew after work was going to be hard.

Then I found out softball was canceled, so I was able to run after work!

I had a few friends run with me. Meet Bambino and Mombino:

They wanted me to run with them, but I decided to stick to the path.

It was a beautiful day for a run. Finally a day not in the 90s or 100s.

The lake pond I ran around
Me looking oh-so stylish in my non running sunglasses
I keep forgetting to wear a hat, visor or my running sunglasses when I run. You would think by July I would have that part down. Oh well!

Monday, July 9, 2012

Run For Liberty 5K

I hope you all had an AMAZING 4th of July!

We started our looooong weekend with a fireworks show put on by the boyfriend's sister and brother's (yes, they live in the same neighborhood!) neighbor. The little cul-de-sac has this tradition of attempting to set their homes on fire every 4th of July.

They ALMOST succeeded this year. When we arrived, all the neighbors were watering their lawns to prep for the fireworks. Partway through the show the canister fell over and shot off several fireworks horizontally around the cul-de-sac. A few houses took direct hits. People ran out of their yards and driveways to take shelter in their garages super fast.

It was fun. And very entertaining. And somewhat scary.

The morning of the 4th of July we met some friends for a 5K!
Yes, my sister and I dressed alike and no, it was not intentional.

To say it was hot is an understatement, but we had a blast! It was Sarah's first 5K. The first 5K the boyfriend and I have done together. And the first 5K I have done in ages with lots of friends running too! 

I was a little anxious about my time. So I did what every crazy nervous person would do - registered under a made up name:

Place O'All  Name                                  Ag  Time
===== ===== ===================
1          47  SHANNON MCCROSBY 32   25:02

I felt kinda bad when the results came in...but it's my middle name and my last name IS in there!
A little age group swag!
I love doing small races, but I love being able to run with my friends and hang out drinking a celebratory Ale 8 even more!

Thursday morning we headed to Chicago for my cousin's wedding. More to come on that later!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012


Last night I was looking through old pictures and came across a lot of old race pictures.

Some of them I had forgotten about, but the memories came flooding back.

I miss racing with my friends. I know I have a few coming up, but I am hungry for one now.

Might be time to go register...

Monday, July 2, 2012

Weekend Review

Weekend Workouts:
4 mile run and lots of sleeping. Not much working out, but it was a sports filled weekend: teeball, running, track, swimming, gymnastics, golf, soccer, oh my!

I don't know about you, but I was absolutely exhausted by the time this weekend rolled around. I don't know what it was, but I was POOPED!

This might have had something to do with my  laziness exhaustion.

Honestly, I had some sinus issues/headache, so that's what I'm blaming. I did get a lot of rest this weekend, so I think I am ready for the next 6 weeks of craziness! So many fun and amazing things are on their way!

Saturday we watched the boyfriend's nephews play teeball. It's their first year (they are 4 and 5 and on the same team). They are hysterical. Thankfully the games only last about an hour though or it might have become painful.
I like to multi-task!
Oh, I love the Olympic trials. Track, swimming, gymnastics - love it all!

A trip to Ikea made my dreams of making homemade pudding pops a reality this weekend as well. 
I'd like to think I'll make something healthier like this with them too, but pudding pops first! And yes, I did buy both the pink/yellow and blue/green sets. Don't judge.

Sunday I got to see a friend I had not seen in YEARS. We've known each other since we were 2 and she was in town from Arkansas so we got together for a run and A LOT of catching up!

Then it was time for the EuroCup Final: Italy vs. Spain.

We were cheering for Italy (not for any legitimate reason) but unfortunately Spain dominated. Watching with the boyfriend's siblings is always entertaining though regardless of the outcome of the game.

I also made my first lasagna this weekend! I mostly followed Pioneer Woman's recipe here.

Sunday in pictures:
Morning sunrise before the rain, coffee, we DO have 2 cats!, deeeelish lasagna