Thursday, July 12, 2012

Better Than Nothing

Tuesday's Workout: Strength moves via Pinterest
Wednesday's Workout: Walk Piper Dog, Run 3 miles

Tuesday I just wasn't feeling it, so I decided to try to find something quick, so I hopped on my Pinterest and decided on this:    

Simple enough, yet still a decent sweat inducing workout! Best of all, I could do it while I was browning the turkey for our turkey tacos!

Wednesday evening the boyfriend and I set out for a run. I've been trying to take advantage of the cooler temps - it's only been in the 90s! We decided to do something different than just run around the neighborhood and we ended up running to a nearby nature preserve.  

We didn't know what we were doing and I didn't have my Garmin on, so we didn't venture on to any of the trails, but after checking out the map, I think we will next time!

This week's workouts have been pretty boring, but they are better than nothing!

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