Wednesday, July 18, 2012

A Cincinnati Night

Tuesday's afternoon workout: Dreadmill intervals - 3 miles
I was limited on time as I got stuck at work later than anticipated and had a date with the cousins that I couldn't be late for! So, 1/4 mile repeats it was! Three miles was less than I had hoped to get in, but I have to remember I was going at a much faster pace every other quarter mile than normal. 

First speed workout in quite a while - and my legs are still attached!

It's a good thing I managed to get two workouts in yesterday, because I ate not one, but TWO Cincinnati favorites last night!

That's right, Skyline followed by Graeters!

The best thing about family visiting from out of town is that you are forced get to indulge in the Cincinnati cravings with them. And who could deny these sweet faces the privilege of understanding the Cincinnati cravings?
Eddie, Maya, Luke and Jack enjoying their cones
This girl was super sweet even before the ice cream indulgence:

I just LOVE her. I see her once (maybe twice) a year, but she is the sweetest thing. It's like we see each other every day.

The kids entertained us with their dancing and modeling skills.
If you order a kid's size and they ask if it's for a kid, the answer should be YES, because you get candy eyeballs:
If you say no, you just have to hope your sister is nice enough to share so you can have cyclops ice creams!

The boyfriend joined us at Graeters, I'm glad he got to meet more family, although I'm sure he is getting tired of being paraded around. I'm just so excited for him to meet everyone!

It was a BUSY night day.

My sister sent me this sunset pic. Pretty, yet blurry, finish to a great day!

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