Thursday, September 29, 2011

Thankful Thursday

Wow, Thursday again! Last Thursday we were headed up to the UP for a wedding and so busy with work and getting ready before Thursday that I didn't do a thankful post. Oops! Here it goes for this week:

1. Sunrises. For a week or so I was arriving at work during peak sunrise time. Now I get to work too early :( But it was nice while it lasted.

One of my favorites from 9/16. Poor quality phone pic, but still pretty
2. Safe travels. Everyone made it to the UP safely (with only a few minor detours along the way). And when I returned Sunday night I was able to see Tara and her family who were visiting from Texas.

3. Staying home. After 2 weekends in a row traveling the entire weekend, I am ready to stay home this weekend! A good long run, a trip or 2 to the gym, cooking, cleaning, football and a bridal shower. Yay for relaxing weekends! That's not sarcasm, that really does sound relaxing to me!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Indian Run Race Recap

This seems outdated now, but I have been so crazy busy I haven't had much time at all to blog. So even though the race was over a week ago, here it goes!

Erin, Carter, Marissa, Mary Pat and I arrived at the start to the race around 8:45 Saturday morning. We could start anytime between 9 and 11 and were planning to meet Megan after her first 20k loop and join her for loop #2.

Our timing was great. We checked in with the human timer (even though chips were used you had to check in with a person for your start time since you could start any time between 9 and 11) as Megan was changing out water bottles, etc. Megan went ahead but we caught up to her a short time later.

There was quite a variety of terrain during the race. I really enjoyed the different scenery and terrain, it was definitely a nice change of pace!

After we finished our loop we cheered Megan on as she took off for her third loop. At this point she had already run 24.8 miles! Go Megan!

I was surprised by Marc and Sid at the finish line! Marc drove me back to the cabin and I got to keep an eye on Sid for the next several hours while he went to a 3D archery course with his friend.

Yes, I really sat in the back so Sid could sit shotgun!

We took showers and got a little something to eat before heading back to the finish to cheer Megan on. Erin was brave and did the 30 ish steps and last mile with her while the rest of use waited at the finish. Megan finished like a champ and placed first in her age group!

I had a great time with my friends and getting to know Megan. I am now fully inpsired to do an ultra. I just hope I can find someone to do it with me!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Hocking Hills Indian Run Weekend

This past weekend I traveled to Hocking Hills for my first trail race! We had a great time. The race was fun and scenic, our cabin was amazing and peaceful and the company was fabulous!

Friday night we arrived at our cabin. I traveled with Erin, Carter and Megan. Mary Pat and Marissa met us there.
We had beautiful views all around us.

We (and by we I mean Erin, Carter and Megan) made a wonderful pre race meal Friday night. We had 2 choices of pasta, salad and bread. We ate, chatted, laughed, then it was time to get a good night's rest before the big race. Especially for Megan since she was running the 60k race!

Race recap will be up next, stay tuned!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Thankful Thursday

1. My grandpa. He turned 89 years old yesterday. He lives on his own, can still drive, mow the lawn and walks with a group every week. He is superman!

2. GOTR. Second day of practice today. Have I mentioned how much I LOVE GOTR before?

3. Being healthy and able to run my first trail race this weekend. One of the bloggers I read every day is not so lucky (although she is lucky to be alive and on the road to recovery). Ashley was in a cycling accident on Friday and in the hospital with a broken pelvis. Check out her story here. Send some thoughts and prayers her way.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

On This Day in 2009

Pre marathon photo
Two years ago today was an incredible day. It was beautiful outside in Erie, PA. Much like today, really.

And I set my marathon PR.

I can't believe it's been 2 whole years.

Since then I struggled with a foot injury for all of 2010 and opted for half marathons instead of marathons, completed my first triathlon, had a super fun comeback marathon in Louisville, and completed my first MS 150.
Chris and I at the finish!
Here's to hoping my training is paying off and new PRs aren't too far away!

Happy GOTR Day!

Yay! today is the first GOTR practice for my girls at Lakeview Church in Landen. I am so excited to meet them! I love how each group is so unique and they change my life for the better. I learn something from every girl (and from the other amazing coaches as well!). I have been so blessed with the friendships I have made through GOTR. Some truly amazing women are making a difference in so many young girl's lives right in our backyard!

We get to have serious conversations, silly conversations, play some games, find out what is "in" for 3rd-4th graders, find out what these awesome little girls are thinking, encourage them to be themselves and proud of who they are, run and of course HAVE FUN!

I wish I could coach GOTR all day every day!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

High Mileage

 Friday night I really tried to take care of myself - eat well, drink lots of water and attempt to stay off of my feet some. I was hoping to not have another bad long run like I did 2 weeks ago. 

I had planned on running 16-18 but had a feeling I was going to be talked into a longer run this morning.

21.2 miles later I finished! I felt really good. The worst part was getting stuck by a train about 2 miles from the finish. Mo and I both had good runs which was nice - it always feels good to finish with a strong and fast last mile together.

It was humid, but not awful and the temp was fairly cool this morning. The sun did come out, but thankfully was hidden by clouds for most of our run.

I couldn't stay and stretch for very long - I had to get to my hair appointment. After a quick shower and trip to the dog park with Sid. I grabbed a smoothie right next door to the running store to save time and make sure I got some refueling in. It was so yummy!

Friday, September 9, 2011

This just made my day...

I stumbled across free crappy portraits on one of the blogs that I LOVE to read every day and just had to give it a try!

Here is the description I sent them:

Marc loves to deer and turkey hunt - both bow and gun hunting. We have his prize deer who, I like to call Mr. Twinkletoes, hanging in our apartment. He enjoys mountain biking and spending his evenings shooting zombies on his playstation. Bethany is a running fanatic and dabbles in swimming and biking in her attempt to become a triathlete. She also enjoys photography (although not very good), baking and blogging ( We have the cutest German Shorthaired Pointer in the world. She looooves birds, but her fear of loud noises make her a useless hunting dog. She loves to play frisbee (and insists on carrying it to and from the park), snuggle under the covers, and chase birds.

And the pictures I sent:

And here is what I got, I hope it brings a smile to your face!

Thankful Thursday

1. New sheets and pillows. They  make sleeping so dreamy :)

2. Water - in the form of water slides and rain. Makes you feel like a kid again!

3. Football. College, NFL and fantasy have all started! Woohoo!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Mother Nature's Sweat

Last night Ben and I did a 7 mile tempo run. It was a drastic change from our runs last week - the temp was in the 60s and it was raining.

We decided it wasn't much different than running in the 100+ degree heat except we were covered in Mother Nature's sweat instead of our own.
Looking like a drowned rat
It was actually a really great run. Neither one of us minds running in the rain. It was nice to wear capri tights to run in - and even a light rain jacket too!

Our pace ended up being 7:51. Granted we were a little slower in the beginning for our warm up, but we don't cool down. We like to sprint it in. Then blame it on the other one.

When I got home (after taking a shower then heading back out in the rain to take Sid to the dog park) I made my famous turkey and white bean chili. Mmmmm. Perfect on a chilly rainy night. I just though I would have until October for a night like that!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Weekend Wrap up

Long weekends are glorious. It should be a law to have them once a month.

I decided this weekend was going to be fun and rest. I didn't do a long run. I didn't go for a long bike ride. I didn't go to barbell.

I did go down a lot of water slides (which required a lot of climbing stairs), eat a lot of ethnic food and draft my fantasy football team. It was fabulous!

All I wanted to do for my birthday was go to a water park and I was lucky enough to accompanied by Marc, Blake and Sarah.

This picture only shows the end, but this was one of my favorite rides. It's a "water coaster", it's amazing how the water pushes you up the big hills so you get to go back down! 

I hope everyone enjoyed their Labor Day weekend!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Upcoming Races

Decisions have been made and this fall I will be doing 2 main races.

Drum roll  please....

September 17th - The Hocking Hills Indian Run. I registered for the 20K (although the 40K and 60K were calling my name!), but they also have other distances ranging from 5K to 60K. It's my first trail race so I am very excited! We also have a cabin for the weekend and I am looking forward to spending some quality time with some amazing people. I'm loving this map of the race. Even though it scares me.

November 5 - Monumental Marathon in Indianapolis. I am very excited to run another marathon with Jen Y! Once again she will be traveling in from Richmond and we will head on over to Indy together. I've heard great things about this race from some friends who have run it, so I am hopeful it will live up to their descriptions. Jen's flights and the hotel are booked...I just need to register.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Push up Challenge Take 2

I got more than halfway through the push up challenge in the spring then totally stopped. I was doing really well and felt myself progressing nicely - I even noticed a nice difference in my arms. I still haven't figured out why I quit. I think I just forgot for a few days then it seemed like I was going to have to all start over.

Push ups are great because they not only define your arms, but also your abs, shoulders, and torso. And you can do them anywhere!

I was very excited when Leslie told me she was becoming a push up machine. We agreed to do the challenge together and hold each other accountable. Yesterday was day 2! I'm just a wee bit sore and actually looking forward to doing my push ups tomorrow!

On a funny note I just went back and read my blog when I started the push up challenge the first time I posted it after day 2 as well! Here's to hoping this one lasts longer!

Thankful Thursday

I am enjoying reminding myself of everything I have to be thankful for during the week. It really adds a different perspective to everything! Here goes this week's list of 3:

1. A running partner that pushes and encourages me to give 110% every run.

2. Being able to see The Help with mom, Aunt Nan and Jen this past weekend. It really is an amazing book and movie. Read it. See it. Be inspired.

3. Bad running days. They teach you to truly enjoy the good ones and not take them for granted. That being said, I hope the bad ones are far fewer than the good ones!