Thursday, September 8, 2011

Mother Nature's Sweat

Last night Ben and I did a 7 mile tempo run. It was a drastic change from our runs last week - the temp was in the 60s and it was raining.

We decided it wasn't much different than running in the 100+ degree heat except we were covered in Mother Nature's sweat instead of our own.
Looking like a drowned rat
It was actually a really great run. Neither one of us minds running in the rain. It was nice to wear capri tights to run in - and even a light rain jacket too!

Our pace ended up being 7:51. Granted we were a little slower in the beginning for our warm up, but we don't cool down. We like to sprint it in. Then blame it on the other one.

When I got home (after taking a shower then heading back out in the rain to take Sid to the dog park) I made my famous turkey and white bean chili. Mmmmm. Perfect on a chilly rainy night. I just though I would have until October for a night like that!

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