Thursday, September 1, 2011

Push up Challenge Take 2

I got more than halfway through the push up challenge in the spring then totally stopped. I was doing really well and felt myself progressing nicely - I even noticed a nice difference in my arms. I still haven't figured out why I quit. I think I just forgot for a few days then it seemed like I was going to have to all start over.

Push ups are great because they not only define your arms, but also your abs, shoulders, and torso. And you can do them anywhere!

I was very excited when Leslie told me she was becoming a push up machine. We agreed to do the challenge together and hold each other accountable. Yesterday was day 2! I'm just a wee bit sore and actually looking forward to doing my push ups tomorrow!

On a funny note I just went back and read my blog when I started the push up challenge the first time I posted it after day 2 as well! Here's to hoping this one lasts longer!

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