Friday, June 29, 2012

Book Club

Wow, it had been almost exactly 3 months since our last book club, so we were overdue for a fun girl's night of wine drinking, snacking, laughing and playing Cards Against Humanity.

And that's exactly what we had. 

I have no photographic evidence though. I guess I was enjoying myself too much to take any pictures.

Back in March we selected Fifty Shades for our book. Then all of the sudden the ENTIRE world was talking about it. I think it's slightly overrated, but entertaining.

I tried to keep the food simple since the girls were coming over after work.
Caprese skewers
Pepperoni (some just cheese) roll ups
Cheese, crackers, hummus, pita chips, and all of the fabulous goodies the other girls brought. Nice and simple but plenty of food.

I tried to stay with the theme of Fifty Shades for the wine, so I chose wines solely based on their name.

It was a fun night and much needed girl time! I hope we don't wait another 3 months to get together. Now we are reading Firefly Lane. Has anyone read this already?

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Home is Where The Heart Is

Tuesday's Workout: Rest Day!

No  matter how much you've enjoyed where you've been, it's always a good feeling to return home.
After 3 weeks of dog/house sitting it was weird to not have a dog greet me at the door ready for our evening walk, but it did feel good to be home.

So I decided to enjoy it, unpack, and relax!

Since we are taking about home, I've decided now would be a good time to share with you a little bit of my not-so-new apartment.

My bed, the roomie and Phillip, our Sunday morning coffee drinking porch, baseball cards from my Grandpa, my marathon medals and a picture from a good friend from many years ago.
I know I've said this before, but I really do love this apartment. It feels like home. I'll share some  pictures of the other rooms soon!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Presents in the Mail

Monday's Workout: Lots of dog walking - Piper and the boyfriend's dogs and lugging my overstuffed suitcase up and down the stairs where I am house/dog sitting.

Monday was GORGEOUS, but I didn't go for a run, instead I walked every dog I could find. It was so nice to just relax and enjoy the weather.

And this arrived in the mail today! I love getting packages!

Now I am all set to see these guys

Unfortunately we aren't going to Liverpool, but we do get to see them play twice at these fields:
Fenway, home of the BoSox and M&T Bank Stadium, home of the Ravens
 I am so excited for our upcoming trip! And now I have the accessories for it too!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Weekend Recap

Weekend Workouts:
Run 3 miles, barre, Walk Piper dog, mow the lawn.

Another fabulous weekend comes to an end too soon!

A quick workout, then dog walking on Friday was followed by a fabulous Indian mean at Raja India then a little deck party at the boyfriend's brother's house. The gathering was complete with little kids (trying to) catch lightening bugs, a fire pit, a midnight beer run, and pellet gun shooting (and of course, no pictures). The perfect way to relax at the end of the week!

Running errands, hitting the pool with the roommate, yagoot and the Greek Festival filled my day Saturday.

We had a Yagoot snack before hitting the Greek Festival for dinner and drinks.

Strawberry with bananas for the boyfriend and white peach with bananas for me! Yummy! It hit the spot and held us over until we could get through all of the madness to the festival.

For dinner we enjoyed the obligatory gyro and beer - after all we were at a Greek festival!

Sunday morning was HOT, HOT, HOT! So after a run (and before mowing the lawn) I pre-warded myself with an ice cold skinny caramel macchiato.
I drank half before mowing the lawn and made myself save the other half for afterwards.

Sunday afternoon we watched the England v. Italy Euro Cup game with the fam. I've been horrible at taking pictures, but luckily my friend that lives across the pond sent me a pic of her cheering for England.

She recently introduced me to the app WhatsApp that allows us to text each other for free even though there is a big ocean separating us. Favorite app EVER!

We cheered for England together, but it was enough as the Italians won in a shoot out. Sad face.

Such a fun weekend...and once again so sad it's Monday!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Oh, What a Night!

Thursday's Workout: 4 mile run, dog walking

Here's my day in pictures:
Sunrise, Graeters, Hospital, a random trip to Sam's (isn't complete without a pretzel!)

Running at 4:45 in 92 degree heat may not be the smartest idea, but you gotta do what you gotta do! I ran with Kelly and Jay after work and I was very grateful to have them to hold me accountable and for their distraction during the misery.

Thankfully it was not very humid and we even had a fairly strong breeze. Of course the breeze was coming straight at us on the first mile which is uphill!

My calves were not happy with me again. It might be time to try to run in the compression socks and not just wear them for recovery. We'll see how that goes!

I had plans to go to yoga under the stars at my gym last night, but more important family matters came up.

Wear sunscreen, eat your vegetables, and tell your friends and family you love them.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

A Day of Rest

Wednesday's Workout:
None, N/A, Zero, Cero, get the idea (except for walking the dog of course!).

I was pooped yesterday. 

Work has been crazy and for some reason the crazy really got to me yesterday.
So I coped by doing NOTHING. I did run to the grocery, did some dishes, cleaned a little, made dinner, took the dog for a walk and watched the pilot episode of Arrested Development. How did I miss this show?
Mmmmm, turkey meatloaf. These are delish and were requested this week by the boyfriend.
So, it wasn't a total waste of a night!. My idea of nothing may be slightly different than other people's.

My calves have been cramping and super tight lately. Sunday's run was pretty painful in the calf department, so I think it's time to break out these bad boys again.
I didn't think I would need them until my mileage got where it should be higher, but maybe with Insanity and Barre it's not a bad idea to wear them now.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Falling In Love

Tuesday's Workout:
Pure Barre 1 hour class, walking Piper dog

After not being so sure how I felt about Pure Barre after my first class, the last two have made me fall head over heels in love with it. I can't believe how fast the time flies by during class. 

I love the feeling of my legs shaking. I love the concentration it takes. I love noticing differences in my body and feeling sore from such tiny movements.

And who doesn't want to tighten/strengthen/lengthen/lift their legs, seat, and core?

If a year membership wouldn't cost me my first born child, I'd be in!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Beginning of Insanity

Monday's Work Out: Insanity DVD Cardio and Plyometrics, walking Piper dog

I gave in. I tried to resist, but I couldn't any longer. I blame my friend Autumn. She suckered me into it with her talk of pre-wedding Insanity work outs. She looked amazing though. So I bought it. I may be every marketers dream...

I tried to do P90X and just couldn't get into it. The videos were long and super boring. This is fast paced and by the time you warm up and stretch there are only 20-25 minutes of the actual work out left. 

But man, are they a SWEATY 20-25 minutes.

I really liked this work out. I was worn out, my legs felt like jell-o afterwards, but I know I still could have gone for a run after chugging a few gallons of water. Best of all, I'm not sore today. I can feel that I worked out yesterday, but I can also walk. Score!

Now, do I do Pure Barre or Insanity today...decisions, decisions!

**I'm not starting the "real" Insanity work outs quite yet. I am hoping the boyfriend's ping pong (yes, I said ping pong) knee injury heals soon so we can start it together as planned!**

Monday, June 18, 2012

Weekend Review

Weekend Work Outs: Lots of Piper dog walking, 4.25 mile run

Oh, what a weekend! We had so much fun this weekend and I'm so sad it's Monday again already. Of course once again not enough work outs this weekend, but oh well!

Friday I realized something was missing:
Hello, sad reflection.
This makes me very sad. I'm pretty sure it didn't just fall off. I guess I know what my next purchase will be at my next marathon expo!

Yummy Mexican food, margaritas and some wild games of ping pong made me forget the trauma of the missing pink 26.2 magnet.

Saturday we had a house warming/master's degree graduation/new job party to attend.

Yes, that's chocolate chip cookie dough, oreos, then brownie batter was poured on top.
I attempted to make these Slutty Brownies (I did NOT name them) but the brownies didn't bake all the way through. I forgot to check them until I was slicing them, so i couldn't take them to the party. The boyfriend has enjoyed a few though!

We had SO much fun at the party and finished the night with a hysterical game of Cards Against Humanity.
If you have not heard of this game, check it out. But only if you are not easily offended. It is basically an offensive version of Apples to Apples. I was laughing so hard at one point I couldn't even read the cards.

The weekend was rounded out by Father's Day Activities. 

I got to see my grandpa and this adorable dog that has recently been shaved. My family got her after my first year in college. I love Abby, she is such a sweetie.
We played putt-putt with my dad and ate at Gordo's. Yum, deliciousness.
My brother-in-law tried this craziness:
Fried Banana, Chunky Peanut Butter Cream Cheese, Jam and Smoked Bacon (on a gourmet burger)

I wish I had taken a picture of it!

Friday, June 15, 2012

Finally Friday!

Wednesday's Work Out: Fit Test (more on that coming!), walking Piper
Thursday's Work Out: Walking the dog and house stalking. I love for sale signs!

Wednesday I had to pick Max up from a recheck at the vet. He still has stitches, but he is getting better! 

Afterwards I did the fit test portion for an upcoming work out. I just wanted to test the waters before I dive in!
Whew, I was tired after that! Walking the dog was all I had energy for...besides my date with Sarah to Freeze Yogurt Bar. 


This is definitely Yagoot meets Orange Leaf and I was in heaven. There aren't as many choices as there are at Orange Leaf, but it's self serve pay by weight style. However, the yogurt is better for you like Yagoot - fat free, gluten free, organic and some flavors are no sugar added.  I had blueberry with strawberries on top. It was delish!

Here are some of the highlights (in my opinion) of possible flavors (they change every Friday):
Blueberry Tart                          
Fizzy Cola Tart
Lemon Chiffon
Mixed Berry Tart
Root Beer Float

I can't wait to go back and try more flavors!
Me and my shadow
Last night I was feeling like a rest day, so I took Piper for an extra long walk and stalked a few houses that I knew were for sale.

I am SO HAPPY it's Friday! I can't wait for the weekend to really get started!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Pure Barre Deux

Tuesday's Work Out:
Pure Barre 1 hour; walking Piper Dog.

I meant to get some real pictures at Pure Barre, but I was running late due to lovely rush hour traffic and was a little flustered when I arrived at exactly class time.
Pure Barre Class
I was on the fence after my first Pure Barre experience, but this class tipped me over the fence to the "I LOVE IT" side. 
love Pure Barre!!
 I don't know if it was the instructor, the differences in the class, the fact that I had already taken one class so I knew a little bit more of what to expect or what...but this class was freaking awesome.
Get your pure barre legs on.  Long, lean and mean (in a good way)!
I wish I could describe the class better, but I love the soreness tightness I feel from my upper abs to my mid thighs after class. And the next day. And the day after.
pure barre class, love them, wish I could afford them!
If you have ever wondered about the class or thought about giving it a try, go for it!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Manic Monday

Monday's work out: Ran 3.1 miles, walk the Piper dog.

I LOVE weekends so much that Mondays make me very sad. Why can't every weekend be at least 3 days long?

The forecast was rain for most of the day, but it had stopped in the afternoon. I kept going back and forth between going to the gym for some cardio or running outside. 

As I left work it was sprinkling, but I decided to run outside anyway. There something cleansing and refreshing about a run in the rain sometimes.

By the time I got "home" the skies looked like this:
I'm glad I didn't go to the gym!

Of course it got pretty hot and humid, but sometimes that feels just as cleansing as a run in the rain.
I felt sluggish and my legs felt like lead. But 26 minutes for 3.1 isn't too bad. I'll take it, especially since I thought it was going to be closer to 30 minutes. A little G2 after a hot and humid run always makes you feel better though!

Then it was time to watch some soccer. I LOVE all the soccer spectating going on lately! Another World Cup Qualifier is happening tonight, but I don't think it's televised.

And the perfect dinner on a crazy Monday?
 Ice cream! That's my chocolate cone and the boyfriend's peanut butter sundae. Yum!

Weekend Wrap Up

So no traditional work outs took place this weekend. Oh well!

We did venture out to Hueston via Miami University. For lunch we had the ever so delicious Bagel & Deli.
We walked around campus just a bit. The boyfriend attended MU for a few years so it was fun to see the changes and one of the houses that he lived in.

At Hueston Woods we took a paddleboat out on the lake for about an hour. What a work out! Those things don't move very easily. It was nice and peaceful out on the lake and not too hot for most of the time.

Then we took a little hike. We just randomly stopped at a trail and ended up getting this view during the hike.
We made an amazing dinner together that evening. I had my first ever Bison burger and it was quite yummy. I put together these roasted peppers and squash. I kept saying how pretty and colorful they looked, so I had to take a picture!

These tasted extra yummy this time!

I hope you are sitting down, because I have some shocking new for you...

I mowed a lawn for the first time EVER this weekend.

The beautiful results, my newly green shoes that I am PROUD of, Piper approving of my mowing skillz and the blister I have as proof that I MOWED A LAWN!

We finished the weekend with relaxing at the pool and dinner with my roommate. I LOVE weekends!


Monday, June 11, 2012

Max and the cone

Weekend wrap up will be coming...but I had to share this pathetic little face with you.

Meet Max. This is the boyfriend's cat. He had surgery on his ear last week and his recovering. 

I'd probably have the same look on my face if everyone was laughing at me while I wore a cone.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Barreing It Up

 I love to try new things - especially new types of work outs. I had been wanting to try barre classes for a while, so I was ecstatic when I saw a Living Social deal for FIT Pure Barre Mason.

Of course I enlisted my friend Autumn who innocently mentioned wanting to try barre to me a few months ago!


So Wednesday afternoon we gave it a try!

I am not even sure how to describe it, so I will use the description given on their website:

"Pure Barre is a total body workout that lifts your seat, tones your thighs and burns fat in record-breaking time. Utilizing the ballet barre to perform small isometric movements set to fantastic music, Pure Barre is the fastest, most effective, yet safest way to change your body"

The movements are very small "lifting" and "tucking" but it is quite a work out! My core is still sore! It was hard to know what exactly I was supposed to be doing all of the time, but the instructor was very helpful. I'm sure my my next class will be slightly easier because at least I'll feel like I know what some of the moves are this time.

I'm looking forward to my next class next week and starting my 2 week unlimited pass after that!

What new work outs do you want to try?

Thursday, June 7, 2012

NRD part 2

Wednesday's Work out: Pure Barre Class (more coming on this) and a 4 mile run

At least i snuck in a run for National Running Day. My running plans were derailed, but I still got it in!

I don't like not running very far anymore, but I'm trying to be smart. I definitely don't want to end up injured, and I know my body well enough to know that my foot doesn't like it when I decide to increase my mileage too quickly.

I didn't take any pictures of this holiday run, but the back of my car made me laugh, so I took a picture of it!

Yoga mat, tennis racket, softball glove, gym bag (which has swimming and running attire inside!).  Definitely the essentials. You never know when you'll need them!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

National Running Day

Today is one of my favorite days of the year...National Running Day!

Why didn't I take the day off work???

I'll be back later to share my running celebration with you!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Good Deeds

I came across this story and couldn't help but share it.
Photo via AP press
 What would you have done?


Monday's Work out: Softball and a walk (ok, so not much of a workout, but it's all I got!)

We had our first softball game down at Xavier. It was a perfect night for it too!

And we won! So we had to document with a photo in case it doesn't happen again this season!

After softball it was time to take Piper for a walk. I get to hang out with this cute dog for a few weeks, yay! It's fun to have a dog again. 

I have a couple new workouts I am really excited about coming up, so stay tuned!