Friday, June 1, 2012


It's been a whirlwind around here lately and reading my favorite blogs has not been happening as often as I would like. Last night I had a chance to try to catch up, and I came across this post. It really hit me.

These sentences struck me the most:
"When we are humbled or vulnerable, old voices like to sneak back in." 
"We are restrained by the old voices that used to define us...The heavy chains are nothing more than twine, easily snapped, if only we knew we had the strength."

Sometimes I think Kristin is inside my brain and knows what I've been thinking and feeling. 

Self doubt has been my enemy since childhood. I've learned to keep it at bay most of the time, but it does sneak back in from time to time.
There is no room for doubt in my mind. I have too much I want to achieve, too much I want to give and get out of life. 

It's time to break the chain.

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