Friday, June 29, 2012

Book Club

Wow, it had been almost exactly 3 months since our last book club, so we were overdue for a fun girl's night of wine drinking, snacking, laughing and playing Cards Against Humanity.

And that's exactly what we had. 

I have no photographic evidence though. I guess I was enjoying myself too much to take any pictures.

Back in March we selected Fifty Shades for our book. Then all of the sudden the ENTIRE world was talking about it. I think it's slightly overrated, but entertaining.

I tried to keep the food simple since the girls were coming over after work.
Caprese skewers
Pepperoni (some just cheese) roll ups
Cheese, crackers, hummus, pita chips, and all of the fabulous goodies the other girls brought. Nice and simple but plenty of food.

I tried to stay with the theme of Fifty Shades for the wine, so I chose wines solely based on their name.

It was a fun night and much needed girl time! I hope we don't wait another 3 months to get together. Now we are reading Firefly Lane. Has anyone read this already?


  1. Cards Against Humanity needs to be a requirement of every book club meeting from now on.