Friday, June 15, 2012

Finally Friday!

Wednesday's Work Out: Fit Test (more on that coming!), walking Piper
Thursday's Work Out: Walking the dog and house stalking. I love for sale signs!

Wednesday I had to pick Max up from a recheck at the vet. He still has stitches, but he is getting better! 

Afterwards I did the fit test portion for an upcoming work out. I just wanted to test the waters before I dive in!
Whew, I was tired after that! Walking the dog was all I had energy for...besides my date with Sarah to Freeze Yogurt Bar. 


This is definitely Yagoot meets Orange Leaf and I was in heaven. There aren't as many choices as there are at Orange Leaf, but it's self serve pay by weight style. However, the yogurt is better for you like Yagoot - fat free, gluten free, organic and some flavors are no sugar added.  I had blueberry with strawberries on top. It was delish!

Here are some of the highlights (in my opinion) of possible flavors (they change every Friday):
Blueberry Tart                          
Fizzy Cola Tart
Lemon Chiffon
Mixed Berry Tart
Root Beer Float

I can't wait to go back and try more flavors!
Me and my shadow
Last night I was feeling like a rest day, so I took Piper for an extra long walk and stalked a few houses that I knew were for sale.

I am SO HAPPY it's Friday! I can't wait for the weekend to really get started!

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