Monday, June 4, 2012

Weekend Wrapup

Sunday's Workout: Run 3.2 miles (with the boyfriend!)

What a beautiful weekend we had! Temps in the 70s with cool mornings and evenings. Perfection!

Friday night we hit up Whole Foods wine tasting which is always a good time. You can't beat $5 for 5 wine tastings paired with a food and dessert! And of course you can buy a bottle to share with your friends and hang out for a while too!
Saturday morning I spent with this little angel while her mommy and daddy ran the Redlegs Run. We did our own little run which required me to chase her and tickle her when I caught her.

We spent the evening outside listening to our friends band play at a new little Cafe in Loveland. Cafe 45140 was celebrating their grand opening with free food. It's BYOB and BYOD (bring your own dog). The mac n cheese was amazing! We will definitely be going back to this place.

Sunday morning the boyfriend and I went for our first run together. We hit 3.2 miles - not too shabby for his first run in LONG time! It was gorgeous outside and we ran in an old part of a cemetery. I was slightly creeped out at first, but it was pretty, peaceful and kinda fun looking at the years and names on the stones as we ran past.

Then we headed over to the new Mojo location to buy him some new shoes. Maybe we should have done that first, but they don't open until noon on Sundays.

We finished the weekend watching the US take on Canada in a friendly match. Unfortunately it was a boring game. Hopefully the upcoming World Cup qualifiers are more exciting.

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