Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Beginning of Insanity

Monday's Work Out: Insanity DVD Cardio and Plyometrics, walking Piper dog

I gave in. I tried to resist, but I couldn't any longer. I blame my friend Autumn. She suckered me into it with her talk of pre-wedding Insanity work outs. She looked amazing though. So I bought it. I may be every marketers dream...

I tried to do P90X and just couldn't get into it. The videos were long and super boring. This is fast paced and by the time you warm up and stretch there are only 20-25 minutes of the actual work out left. 

But man, are they a SWEATY 20-25 minutes.

I really liked this work out. I was worn out, my legs felt like jell-o afterwards, but I know I still could have gone for a run after chugging a few gallons of water. Best of all, I'm not sore today. I can feel that I worked out yesterday, but I can also walk. Score!

Now, do I do Pure Barre or Insanity today...decisions, decisions!

**I'm not starting the "real" Insanity work outs quite yet. I am hoping the boyfriend's ping pong (yes, I said ping pong) knee injury heals soon so we can start it together as planned!**

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  1. That's funny Bethany.....did he make you write about his injury in such small font?!? Ping Pong gets no respect, just ask Forrest Gump!
    love you! ~Aunt Julie