Thursday, September 29, 2011

Thankful Thursday

Wow, Thursday again! Last Thursday we were headed up to the UP for a wedding and so busy with work and getting ready before Thursday that I didn't do a thankful post. Oops! Here it goes for this week:

1. Sunrises. For a week or so I was arriving at work during peak sunrise time. Now I get to work too early :( But it was nice while it lasted.

One of my favorites from 9/16. Poor quality phone pic, but still pretty
2. Safe travels. Everyone made it to the UP safely (with only a few minor detours along the way). And when I returned Sunday night I was able to see Tara and her family who were visiting from Texas.

3. Staying home. After 2 weekends in a row traveling the entire weekend, I am ready to stay home this weekend! A good long run, a trip or 2 to the gym, cooking, cleaning, football and a bridal shower. Yay for relaxing weekends! That's not sarcasm, that really does sound relaxing to me!

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