Monday, October 3, 2011

Back Again

After 2 weekends out of town and unable to run with my group, I was very excited to meet up with all of my friends again on Saturday. A lot of them were starting their taper for the Columbus marathon. Mo and I joined in on the lower mile long run with the intent of going longer next weekend then 22ish the weekend of Columbus.

We did 12+ miles in under 1:50. I had long sleeves on and didn't feel like exposing my hands to the cold weather to start and stop my watch at lights. The weather was quite different than what we've been running in! It was in the low 40s when we started and WINDY. I feel like every fall/winter I have to re-teach myself how to dress to run.

Our run flew by since we hadn't seen each other in 2 weeks. We had races, weddings, and other news to catch up on. The best news was that Mo's son was sworn into the Marines this past week. It has been quite the saga for the last 9 months and everyone is so excited. There was a fabulous party Sunday afternoon at their house to celebrate that I was able to attend after the bridal shower for my friend.

After running I met Marc at his niece's soccer game. I got there late and only got to see her play for  a quarter, but at least I got to see her play! Then it was time to head home for a HOT shower and cleaning before a Mexican dinner and night out with Marc.

Today I am nice and sore from barbell yesterday. Oh, how I missed it! Hopefully I can keep going until it gets too close to marathon day!

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