Wednesday, October 19, 2011

My Secret Marathon - Columbus 2011

This weekend was full of surprises: a secret marathon, a Boston Qualifying time and an engagement. Only one of those is mine though!

Not the BQ....

Not the engagement...

Just the secret marathon!

The week before the race I decided running a marathon with people I've been training with is much, much better than running a training run of 22-23 miles alone. Then when I heard of someone that couldn't use their bib anymore, I decided it was fate. And you shouldn't mess with fate.

With the help of a very few people I was able to pull it off without telling hardly anyone. Blake and Sarah were kind enough to watch Sid and Dana was awesome enough to allow me to crash at her place.

All in all it was a good race. I went into it thinking I just needed a good 22-23 miles and we would just see what happened after that. I'll post a full race recap soon.

My official time was 3:58. You  just have to call me Greg in order to see the time and full details :)

Maureen took 10 minutes off her spring marathon time and qualified for Boston 2012!

Sunday night Sara and I went to PF Chang's for dinner where we witnessed an engagement. It was a very  strange cheesy hide the ring in the dessert engagement with no hugging, hand holding or shrieks of excitement. Maybe she said no.

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