Thursday, October 20, 2011

Thankful Thursday

Who doesn't love flowers on their desk?  Especially bright pink ones in a bright pink GOTR "vase". And say hello to Peyton too!

This morning was the Inaugural Empowering Girls Breakfast for Girls on the Run Cincinnati. My mind was blown away by this event. The people, the stories, the cause...all of it chokes me up.

How do you go sit in a cube for the rest of the day after hearing Molly Barker, Erin, a coach and a GOTR participant speak? At least I have the flowers to brighten my cube.

I've heard Molly speak one other time and she is amazing. Her story is remarkable and inspirational. I also always love hearing Erin talk about GOTR. Her passion is visible and it gives me goose bumps and tears in my eyes. I would love to have 1/1000 of the impact on girls/women that Molly and Erin have had.

So, today I am SO thankful for GOTR and the opportunity to attend the breakfast this morning. SO thankful for having Erin in my life. She inspires me every day, encourages me in everything I do, is an amazing friend through happy and sad times and makes me feel like an amazing, strong person every time I see or talk to her.

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