Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Indian Run Race Recap

This seems outdated now, but I have been so crazy busy I haven't had much time at all to blog. So even though the race was over a week ago, here it goes!

Erin, Carter, Marissa, Mary Pat and I arrived at the start to the race around 8:45 Saturday morning. We could start anytime between 9 and 11 and were planning to meet Megan after her first 20k loop and join her for loop #2.

Our timing was great. We checked in with the human timer (even though chips were used you had to check in with a person for your start time since you could start any time between 9 and 11) as Megan was changing out water bottles, etc. Megan went ahead but we caught up to her a short time later.

There was quite a variety of terrain during the race. I really enjoyed the different scenery and terrain, it was definitely a nice change of pace!

After we finished our loop we cheered Megan on as she took off for her third loop. At this point she had already run 24.8 miles! Go Megan!

I was surprised by Marc and Sid at the finish line! Marc drove me back to the cabin and I got to keep an eye on Sid for the next several hours while he went to a 3D archery course with his friend.

Yes, I really sat in the back so Sid could sit shotgun!

We took showers and got a little something to eat before heading back to the finish to cheer Megan on. Erin was brave and did the 30 ish steps and last mile with her while the rest of use waited at the finish. Megan finished like a champ and placed first in her age group!

I had a great time with my friends and getting to know Megan. I am now fully inpsired to do an ultra. I just hope I can find someone to do it with me!

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