Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Monday's workout: postponed until Tuesday morning
Tuesday's a.m. workout: weights

I had planned to run Monday after work, but then a friend asked me to run Tuesday after work. I am trying not to run back to back days to lower any chances of injuring my foot. An injury is just about the last thing I need right now!

So, weights it is Monday after work - or so I thought. I worked later than planned and was anxious to go visit my friend Tara, so I decided a morning workout today would be the answer.

That means no hitting snooze at 5:20 a.m.

 All the essentials for a quick weight work out.

I'm glad I got something in this morning to make up for last night. Although several hours uninterrupted with Tara was well worth not working out. We laughed and talked and talked and laughed. We gave advice, took advice and told stories.

It was so nice and refreshing - and exactly what I needed.


  1. If you get up at 5:20am, a) what time do you get to the gym, b) do you eat beforehand? c) how long do you work out for? and d) what time do you start work??? It seems like crazy hard work so good for you!

  2. a)at the gym by 6 (shoot for earlier, but sometimes I am super slow in the morning), b) I don't eat beforehand, this is probably bad, but it works for me; c)the length of time depends on what I am doing and how much time I have. I can get a decent weight workout in 30 minutes. If I have more time I'll aim for some cardio, or if I have 30ish minutes and want to do cardio, I crank up the resistance and go as hard as I can (so basically I make it up as I go!). d) I try to be at my desk between 7:15 and 7:30. If I work out in the morning I typically go to my gym at my office - yes I belong to 2 gyms because I'm crazy - so once I finish working out I can be at my desk 40ish minutes later.