Monday, July 16, 2012

Weekend Review

Friday's Workout: Walking Piper Dog
Saturday's Workout: 3 mile run
Sunday: Piper Dog walking: 2.5 miles over 2 walks

Ooooh, what a weekend!

There was a lot of this:
I was a hot mess for a while this weekend. 

Fortunately I managed to eat some ice cream. (This  pic is not from this weekend, but I have been wanting to share it with you!)

Who says kiddie creations are just for kids?!

We missed out on my running club's trip to the lake because of me being sick. I was very sad to miss it, but I'm sure it was the smart decision to make.

I did venture out and made an awesome purchase in preparation for our upcoming city travels.
 I heard they were comfy, but I didn't believe it until I put them on. Holy cow, comfort! I went with some boring classics, but they will be versatile. I have my eyes on some of the ballet flats...

And since the boyfriend bought a pair as well, we donated TWO pairs to someone in need!

I managed to make it out to dinner with my friend Tara and her  husband so they could meet the boyfriend while they are in town from Texas. I might have been more like a zombie than myself due to the mucinex and a couple glasses of wine.

We went to the Dilly Cafe in Mariemont. They have amazing food and live music every weekend. If you haven't been there, you should check it out!

Sunday was the day for grocery shopping and trying to catch up on some reading while clearing my head (literally and figuratively)
These are OLD, I haven't been reading much lately!
cloudy yet perfect for head clearing
Thankfully I'm starting to feel better. I hope it doesn't come back, I don't want to be sick for my upcoming trip!

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