Monday, July 30, 2012

We're Baaack!

Oh boy! What a vacation we had! But I'll post more on that later.

The boyfriend and I were both sick (allergies and sinus issues) the week before we left. It left me very worn out. We wanted to make sure we felt 100% for our trip, so we tried to get some extra sleep and we both took a lot of this:
and this:

And they are wonder drugs!

We were hoping to get at least 2 runs in on our vacation, but we ended up only getting one in. The weather in Baltimore was frightening (115 the day before we arrived!) and our train arrived in Baltimore late so we didn't run at all in Baltimore.

We did run in Boston where the weather was AMAZING. 

We walked a mile from our hotel to the path along the Charles River. I love running in new cities and discovering a different side to the city.

We walked a TON, so I think that counts for something workout wise as well!

And how could I not love a guy that will get off a plane at the end of vacation and run 5 miles with me right away?! We're cranking it into gear to get ready for the Air Force Half marathon in September!

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