Saturday, March 19, 2011


I finally bit the bullet and changed gyms. I was nervous, but I think it's the best decision. I wish I had done this in January, but live and learn! My new gym - Life Time -  is only a few minutes away so I am hoping swimming becomes less of a hassle and more enjoyable. They also have a Master's swim program. It makes me laugh to think I could join a Master's program, but they assured me there are all levels. I'm pretty sure I will either a) be kicked out and told to go join the Tadpoles swim lessons or b) the warm up will be more than enough of a workout for me and I'll be spent in the first 20 minutes - I think this will exponentially increase my chances of drowning. They have a lot of spin classes and a huge studio. They also have a running club, triathlon club and cycling club. I think they have it all.
I know, it looks scary, doesn't it?
I finally picked up my cycling shoes last night and practiced clipping and unclipping from the safety of my living room last night. I was very stylish with my jeans pulled up over my knees, my hot pink compression socks and my cycling shoes.  Good thing I was inside my own house. Sidney definitely gave me some strange looks though. Marc and I are planning on taking this show on the road this afternoon. I hope I have some bubble wrap and band-aids. This could get ugly.

My short long run went well today. It was a down week, but I've already started mentally preparing for 20 miles next weekend. And real swimming this week. Coach and everything. Yikes, what have I gotten myself into?!

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