Saturday, March 12, 2011

Awkward Shamrock

This beautiful Saturday was the traditional Shamrock Shuffle in West Chester. Last year it was raining for the race, so the perfectly clear sky, sun and warm temps were extremely welcome. It's a great race that raises money for several different local community charities. It's nice to race a shorter distance every once in a while to see where I are at in my training. It's a nice change of pace. Literally.

I did pretty well. I have no idea what my PR is for a 10K, I don't think I've done one since the Shamrock last year to be honest. Which may have been the day after I got my boot off for my stress injury. [UPDATE: The only other 10K time I looked up for me was in 2009 and I finished in 49:45. I am still happy with my time from this past Saturday though. I mean, I am SO much older now after all.]

There were a few awkward moments at the race today:
  • Passing a guy in a kilt I say "nice kilt". His response: "It's all about the freedom". do you respond to that?
  • Encouraging my friend's son who is half my age for the first 2.5 miles only to have him kick my booty on the hills.
  • Almost running over a kid in the last 30 feet of the race as I'm running as fast as I can and he is walking directly across the race course looking behind him.
And the results are:

90 BETHANY CROSBY 31 F LOVELAND OH 51:44 8:20 9/108 F3039X 21/247 F

Let me translate that for you. 90th overall. 51:44 time. 8:20 pace. 9th out of 108 in my age group. 21st female out of 247. I'll take it. I had no idea what to expect or even how that time compares to any other 10K I've ever done, but I like what the results tell me.

Tomorrow is supposed to be another beautiful day, although a little chillier. So hopefully I will get to practice on my bike without my shoes and go for another run.

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