Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Breaking In

This was the perfect weekend and start of the week to break in all the new things in my training!

Saturday afternoon Marc and I took our road bikes out for a spin. I managed to get clipped and unclipped without falling once! We were only on the trail, so not much stopping was required, but I forced myself to practice quite a few times.
And more shockingly, Marc forgot to record the occasion, so I don't even have proof of NOT being clumsy for once in my life.
Where can I get a skirt like that to bike in?

Adorable little Lily got to break in her new bike this weekend too. Lily turned 3 on St. Patty's day and this fabulous pink princess bike was one of her gifts. It is WAY cooler than my new bike. I'm jealous - maybe she'll let me borrow it sometime!

Monday morning I broke in my new running shoes. It was over 60 already at 5:30 a.m. Hellllooooo spring! The shoes felt great and I didn't even need my running light in the dark. They are so bright they lit the way like Rudolph's nose.

Monday after work I got to break in the new gym and pool. There was a slight delay as the pool was temporarily closed due to lightening. Who knew? I felt like a kid waiting for adult swim to be over sitting on the bench in the aquatic center waiting for the lifeguards to let me in. Then I relaxed in the spa. How I love hot tubs. This might be my new reward after a good swim work out.

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