Thursday, March 3, 2011

Awkward & Awesome (the lost blog returns home!)

Looook what I found! How amazing is that. It only took me a week. Go me!!!!

A couple of my favorite blogs do Awkward and Awesome Thursday and I love this concept of celebrating the awkwards and awesomes that happen to us each week. For the real deal take a peak at Sarah and Sydney's Awkward and Awesome for this week. Since I don't feel like talking about my training today, I'm joining them.

  • Writing Awkward and Awesome Thursday on Friday at 2:20 a.m.
  • Putting my swim cap on Sunday morning for my tri. Made me thankful I had chopped off my hair. Who invented these awful things? 
  • Being so excited after registering to run with Dean that I could hardly breathe.
  • Meeting the amazing Pioneer Woman on Friday and seeing how excited Sarah was. Five hours of waiting made the meeting all the sweeter.
  • Finally being able to register to run with Dean after trying all day.
  • My countdown clock is counting in days now instead of months and days until my favorite family that lives in Texas comes to visit!

  • These amazing socks arrived in the mail this week and I am contemplating wearing them to work  tomorrow today to prep my legs for Saturday's 18 mile run. I just might show them to everyone too!
Hope everyone has a great weekend. I've got swimming, carb loading, 18 mile run, mountain bike shopping, fab date night with Marc, yoga and a 5 year old's birthday party all on the agenda. I'm looking forward to all of it after this loooong week!

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