Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Early Winter & New Tights!

Tuesday a.m workout: Insanity Cardio Power and Resistance

Due to my marathon being in LESS THAN 2 weeks we decided to extend month 1 of Insanity. We should be doing the recovery week this week, then start month 2 next week. I didn't like the idea of starting workouts that I have never done before the week of a marathon.

See, I am doing something smart in my training!

Last week I ordered a new pair of running tights. They arrived the next day. Seriously. I didn't even pay for shipping. Way to go Road Runner Sports!

These R-Gear High Speed Compression tights come in tall (short and regular too!) and were so nice and long for me. I won't have to worry about cold ankles! I got to test them out on Sunday afternoon since winter made an early appearance. They may not be quite warm enough for super cold runs in January and February (remember this run?) but they kept me warm and were very comfy.

I might have to order another pair!

I must run after work. I must run after work. I must run after work. I must run after work. I must run after work.

I left my gym bag in the locker room this morning. That way I have to go to the gym after work. Once I walk in I won't want to walk out without working out, right?

Oh, the tricks I try to play on myself!

**I was not paid for this review nor was I given the product. It was paid for with my own hard earned moolah. However, if you or someone you knows works for Road Runner Sports or another product/brand, I'd be happy to try out products**

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