Thursday, October 18, 2012

Negative Split Party

Wednesday p.m. workout: Ran 8 miles
Thursday a.m. workout: Insanity Plyo Cardio Circuit

Does anyone else carry this much stuff to work almost every day?  And this doesn't include the clothes that were on hangers in the morning that I had to carry in or my lunch bag! I think it's getting out of control.

I was very proud of myself for getting the 8 miles in after work yesterday. I did a 2 loop course from my office and boy was it hard to run past the office (and my car) and go for loop 2, but i did!

It was such a beautiful day too. Mid 70s, blue sky, white puffy clouds and gorgeous fall leaves on the trees. It can't get much better than that!
My second loops was 90 seconds faster than my first loop.  Woohoo! Negative splits are a beautiful thing. I'm still celebrating!
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I spent the remainder of the evening in my CEP compression socks. My calves SCREAMED at me for the first 1.5 miles. Then they were totally fine. Thankfully they felt pretty good during Insanity this morning.

And now for some randomness. 

I forgot I took this picture over the weekend. While I was out running errands shopping on Saturday afternoon I pulled into the Kohls parking lot and saw this scene. There were a lot of people standing around and some taking pictures, but I didn't want to be one of them. So I went inside and indiscreetly snapped this picture from inside the store.
The view from the other side would show you the large boulder that this person somehow got their car stuck on. I still haven't figured out how this person managed to do this. I really wish I had a pic from the other side to show you just how high up the car was. In a parking lot! 

At least no one was hurt.

I got to go to an amazing fundraising breakfast this morning, but more on that later!

And the best news ever...tomorrow is FINALLY Friday! Any big plans for the weekend?

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  1. Negative splits are the best!
    I love her, but that car was probably driven by my sister. I can't count the times she's parked with one or two wheels up and the curb and been completely oblivious to the fact.