Friday, October 12, 2012

Fall Bucket List

Since Friday is my rest day, I thought I would share something different with you today!

My fall bucket list - there are so many fun things to do in the fall!

I got the idea to make my Fall Bucket List from my good friend Sarah. She is so smart and full of great ideas!

So, here it is:

1. Go to an apple orchard

2. Make applesauce
3. Go to a pumpkin patch (buy pumpkins, go for a hayride, drink apple cider)

 4. Carve pumpkins! I haven't done this in YEARS. I am super excited to do this with The Boyfriend
4. Run a race on Thanksgiving day
5. Go Hiking. We had so much fun in Red River Gorge. We can't wait to go back, but there are other places closer to home too

6. Attempt to be crafty - there are a few fall and holiday decorations I want to try. But we all know how my crafts usually end up!

7. Cook a squash. anyone have any favorite recipes?

What do you like to do in the fall?


  1. Butternut Squash personal favorite and you Uncle Jim makes a really good one! He also made spaghetti squash last week and then after he took it out of the squash he mixed it with a bunch of veggies and then served it in the hollowed out squash. That was awesome also. I'm so lucky to be married to a man who cooks!
    Enjoy your weekend! ~Aunt Julie

  2. Maybe I should just come visit you to get my fill of squash?!