Thursday, October 4, 2012

I Said I Was Going to Run

And Run I did!

Wednesday night workout: 4.3 miles after work with Kelly; 2.7 miles at home with The Boyfriend Grand total: 7 miles!

I was in a mood yesterday. And not the good kind.

Luckily my friend Kelly was ready to run out some frustration too. Of course we got a later start than we hoped because my conference call started 29 minutes late (and just as I was getting ready to leave work).

But we still got 4.3 miles in. They were fairly fast miles too. It was obvious we both had some things to run out. Wow, I felt better after that!

Then I get home and The Boyfriend hadn't started his run yet, so why not join him?! Minus part of a long hill that I just waited for him on. Hey, I only wanted to do 7 miles for the night! And my legs were super tired.

We finished off the evening by enjoying a gourmet dinner of grilled cheese, a trip to Target and finally watching the Grey's Anatomy season premier from last week. That last part is because The Boyfriend watches the show, not me. But it's more fun to watch shows together, so why not?

We might be the only ones watching the show.

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