Monday, October 15, 2012

Slacker Weekend

Thursday we got last minute tickets to the Reds game. It was the final game of the NLDS.  It was so intense that this is the only picture I remembered to take - before we even went into the stadium. Unfortunately, the Redlegs lost.

Yes, I'm a slacker. 

And I'm totally OK with it. At least right at this moment I am.

I did not run one step this weekend.

It started as a bad calf cramp Thursday night and became a softball sized knot in my calf. So I gave myself permission to rest. And I gave The  Boyfriend permission to massage the knot out of my calf.
I bought these as an alternative to my CEP compression socks. They seem to be helping, but I'm also not sure if they are tight enough. My thought was that one could be for running in and the other for recovery.

So now, it's suck it up time. Back to Insanity. Back to running.

I'm going to try a short run tonight after Insanity and see how the calf does. Fingers crossed!

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