Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Oh, Pistachio

First, I am going to hang my head in shame for not running yesterday.

Being completely honest, I didn't feel good. I could have sucked it up, but I was just completely worn out.  

Now, moving on to more fun things...

I have recently discovered pistachios.

Where have they been all of my life? I am totally obsessed.

I have really been trying to eat MUCH healthier and they have been a complete lifesaver. I wouldn't say I ate horribly before, but I definitely didn't always make the best choices.

These little guys have been finding their way into my snack time - both morning and afternoon. A half cup (with the shells) only has 160 calories and packs 6 grams of protein. Not too shabby!

If you go here there is even a coupon for the brand I have been buying!

What are your favorite healthy snacks to keep you going throughout the day?

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