Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Weekend Review: Labor Day Shenanigans

Saturday: 5.6 mile run outside; weights at gym
Monday: Elliptical and weights at gym

Oh, I LOVE long weekends, but I absolutely dislike the day after long weekends!
Oh, well, they are inevitable, so might as well make the most of them!

We started off the weekend with a date to the movies.

We don't often go to the movies, but we do enjoy it when we do.
I just can't wrap my head around spending so much money to be annoyed by people kicking my chair, using their cell phones and talking when i could enjoy the movie in just a few months from the comfort of my living room.

We were in the mood for a comedy, and We're The Millers did not disappoint!
**If you are easily offended or did not enjoy The Hangover or Bridesmaids, this movie is probably not for you**

Saturday morning was a very humid run. I saw lightening on my way to run and during the run I was hoping it would start raining. I got to run with Sarah and my friend Helen who I have not seen since I got married! It was fun to chat and catch up while we sweated buckets.

First run in my new purple Kinvaras
Finally got to try out the new Kinvaras I bought a few weeks ago.
Totally love these shoes. I think this is my 5th pair of Kinvaras. They are amazing.

After running I picked up K and we headed to the gym together.
He got in some cardio while I did some some TIU toning.

We also went on a little trip up to Columbus to cheer for the Crew (and to see Clint Dempsey #2). It's a shame he plays for the wrong team! There was an almost 2 hour delay due to lightening. Thankfully before the game we fueled up on Jeni's ice cream. Doesn't K look so thrilled that I took his picture!? I had to - it was his first time having Jeni's!

The rest of the weekend was filled with family, friends, stuff around the house and another trip to the gym. We also purchased the materials for next house project and we are excited to start it soon!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Labor Day!

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