Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Dos a Cero in Columbus Again!

So no workout happened Tuesday.
But that's OK. I did stand up and jump around like a crazy US soccer supporter, so that counts for something, right?

We originally did not get selected to be able to buy tickets to the US vs. Mexico world cup qualifier in Columbus. We were totally bummed about this. We had a blast last year watching the US play Jamaica and were looking forward to this game for a while.
But, husband came to the rescue and managed to get us tickets!

We took a half day off work and headed up to Columbus early to avoid some traffic.
We had a great lunch at North Market (more on that later) then headed to a bar across the street to entertain ourselves for a while.

We found a bar with multi person skee ball and a beer pong machine!
I didn't even know they existed!

Then it was off to the game.
We were already hot and sweaty at this point. It was 95 degrees. Hello, Ohio, it's September, did you forget?

The patriotism is AMAZING - it brings tears to my eyes. The National Anthem was sung louder than I have ever heard it before.

Once again the US beat Mexico 2-0!
It's the 4th time the US has beaten Mexico in Columbus with the exact same score!

The crowd was INSANE and the experience was absolutely incredible.
It's definitely a night I will never forget!

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