Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Track Party

Tuesday: Track: 5 sets 800 - 200. 1/4 warm up and cool down

Tuesdays at the track are becoming my favorite work out lately.
I love the feeling I get when I know I'm pushing myself and the reward of getting faster or hitting your times consistently each time.
We had much cooler temps  last night - what a difference that makes!
Here are my 800 splits:

1: 3:24 (oops, clearly held back too much!)
2: 3:13
3: 3:17
4: 3:13
5: 3:16

My 200s were pretty much the exact same each time. I'm clearly more concerned about my 800s.

Pre and post track work out. Still smiling.
And I got to try out my new shorts (New Balance)!  

Then it was time to watch the sunset and have a little dinner.

I ran out of room for the kale pre-blending, so I added it in late.

The goal for this month is to foam roll! Especially after sessions at the track.

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