Thursday, September 12, 2013

9.11 In Honor of 9/11

Wednesday: 3 mile run outside, 6.11 bike inside

Sometimes I get these "great" ideas and before I even tell my friend Kelly what they are, she says she is in to do it with me. I'm not sure who is crazier based on that!

So, when I suggested we do a total of 9.11 miles in honor/remembrance of 9/11 it was no surprise she was game!

The weather was super hot and humid again yesterday, so we decided on a 3 mile run outside then coming inside to finish off the remaining 6.11 miles on the bike.

Even the measly 3 miles felt hard yesterday, but maybe that is appropriate.
My calf was burning (apparently standing all night on it Tuesday night hurt it just like running on it...), the sun was blaring down on us. It was a hot and hard 3 miles.

After some water we jumped on the upright bikes in the gym and started pedaling away.
The 6.11 on the bike was much harder than I thought it would be too. Of course we were also trying to go as fast as our legs could. My quads were burning at only 2 miles in.

This is when I looked at Kelly and told her not to let me have any "great" ideas ever again.

Clearly I am not a fast cyclist. Maybe I should work on that!

Everyone remembers in their own way on special days like this. I tend to do it through exercise because it gives me time to reflect and clear my head. I get to think about how grateful I am to be here, able to run and bike...remember the drive home from white water rafting in 2001 listening to the radio and trying to figure out what was happening.

It may not be much, but it's the way I choose to remember and reflect.
So, I completed my 9.11 miles, sweaty and absolutely exhausted, but mindful of the day that forever changed us.

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