Monday, September 16, 2013

Weekend Review: Grandpa turns 91!

Saturday: 5 mile run outside, TIU thigh workout x 3

This weekend we didn't have much on the agenda, which was a nice change of pace for us.
Of course, we still managed to stay busy!

Saturday I headed out to run much later than normal. A lot of the women from my running club were out of town for a race, so I took advantage of the opportunity to sleep in a little. It was also MUCH cooler, so sleeping in gave it a little time to warm up outside too.

Yes, 45 degrees at 8:37 in the morning. Hello, fall!
I decided to just run in my neighborhood. I haven't done that in a while, wanted to stay close and thought the rolling hills would be good training for me. I set out for the 2.5 mile loop. I planned on doing that a few times then adding some more, depending on how I felt.
The last .75 of the second loop my calf was screaming at me - I had even worn my compression socks too. I think it was the hills that it did not like. I have mostly been running fairly flat courses lately.

 After my failed run K and I went to the gym.
I did the TIU thigh work 3 times through and ended with a few arm exercises too.

This week I am going to try to lay off the running just a bit and see how it feels. Boo!

Saturday night we celebrated Grandpa's 91st birthday! The family went to Valley Vineyards for dinner. It was a beautiful night out which was perfect since you grill your own fish or steak at the vineyard! They have everything you need to grill and the sides and dessert are buffet style.
It was such a fun and unique dinner!

Sunday was spent doing errands and cleaning and also watching our nephews play baseball.
We had so much fun at both of their games. The weather was incredible and we got to play tag and football and also chat with our family.

Lily and Carson cheering on Danny as he bats!
Such a fun weekend!

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