Thursday, September 5, 2013

Race Decisions

Wednesday: TIU Jump Your Heart Out and Thigh work out

Who knew 15 pound dumbbells, a mat and a jump rope could be such torture devices?!

I really like the variety that TIU has given me. I would never pick up a jump rope on my own, but, boy is it tough! I don't think my calf liked it too much though - oops!

I really can't decide about a full marathon for this fall, so I'm looking at other races. Maybe I'll just go half marathon crazy instead! Here are some potential races, let me know what you think!

White Tail Trail Half Marathon

 This is dubbed one of Ohio's most scenic races. It takes place at Caesar's Creek state park in the beginning of October - so I would imagine the fall colors are stunning! I absolutely loved doing the 20K trail race in Hocking Hills a few years ago, and I believe this would be similar.

Cincinnati Half Marathon


I am very partial to the Flying Pig Marathon, but this race came on the scene a few years ago and promises to be a flat course (unlike the Pig!). I have not run it yet, but of course it's close to home and I like the idea of flat race downtown -  not easy to come by!

Mason Half Marathon

This race is even closer to home and is also rather flat! I have not done this race as a half marathon - it used to be a 15K and I ran that a few times. It's hard to pass up a half only 20 minutes from home!

Decisions, decisions, decisions!
Which race would you do?


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  2. Happy Birthday Bethany!!!!!!
    I would do the White Tail! You can always run close to home. A race is a great reason to head somewhere different! love you! Aunt Julie