Thursday, September 19, 2013

Oh, Garmin, you tempt me with your pretty colors

So yesterday was kinda crazy so I didn't get a work out in, but I have plans to make up for that today. Yesterday I saw that Garmin came out with 2 new GPS watches this week.

My watch is dying very slowly...more and more pixels (is that even the right word?) are gone each time I turn it on.

Sadly, it is much worse than this now.
But it still works and I can still read it just fine, so I still use it!

I am still looking and trying to decide on my next Garmin though.
I thought I had decided, then I saw this week that 2 new ones were introduced.

Pictures from 220 on the L, 620 on the R.
I mean, aren't they purdy?
Color screens? Yes please!

The extra features on the 620 are definitely ones I can live without (although they are very cool!).
But the purple 220 is quite tempting!

Decisions, decisions!

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