Friday, September 27, 2013

Finally Friday

Thursday: Body Blast class at lunch, 3 run mile outside

I planned to attend Body Blast at lunch yesterday and just modify anything that would put too much pressure on my foot; however I ended up doing class just the way it was set up.

Which was a lot of running and lunges.

We went outside again and did lunges, overhead presses and side steps with a weight along the walking path. Then we did sets of sprints, then back to the lunges, etc. And of course we finished up inside with a million core exercises.

Thankfully my foot felt OK. 
 So why not add some running in after work? 

Kelly and I went for a short 3 mile run and took our time. I didn't want to push it since we had sprinted at lunch time too. (Yes, she does Body Blast class with me too!)

I'm still icing at night and I am officially over halfway finished with my steroid Rx.
The swelling is down, but there is still some mild pain and the tendon is red.
Hopefully that red part is normal! It was blue/purple last weekend.

I have a fun event I'm participating in tomorrow morning, so I hope I can make it through!
Here's a hint to the event tomorrow morning!


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