Wednesday, September 25, 2013

A Post Without Sporting Event Selfies

Tuesday: 2.25 mile track work out

Tuesday after work I promptly iced my foot in an effort to be ready to take on the track.
Thankfully the steroids seem to be working and even after a few doses the first day the swelling was way down.

You all know I love me some track workouts - especially 400 and 800s, so I could not miss last night's 4x400 relay competition!

We started with 4 400s (my times were all between 1:27 and 1:32) then switched to 2 800s.
I decided to sit out both 800s. My foot was feeling OK for 1 lap at a time on the track, but I didn't want to push it with 2.

We then did 4 more 400s with the last 400 being the relay race. I ended up doing the same leg as 1 guy that is always just ahead of me and another guy that we tend to take turns of who finishes first.

My team didn't win the race, but it was a lot of fun. It really brought me back to my high school track days. We even got to pass the baton and everything!

Once I got home I iced my foot again while attempting to catch up on Dexter. We've been so focused on Breaking Bad that Dexter has been overlooked for a few weeks. Between K's school, Bengals, Liverpool, Crew we just don't have enough hours to stay up to date on our shows! Thank goodness for DVR and the Roku!

I will say that even though we only have about 4 episodes to go, Dexter has finally hooked me this season.

A little blurry, probably due to the fact that this kid was a RIOT and had my laughing incredibly hard.
Earlier this week I got to do vision screenings for one of the Cincinnati Public Schools.
This guy was totally pumped up to have his eyes checked!

This is seriously one of my favorite days of the year. The kids are so much fun and making sure they get glasses if needed is essential to their future!

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