Friday, August 30, 2013

Biker Babes and Football

Wednesday: Rest
Thursday: Biker Babes TIU workout, abs
"Running, for me, is like a cheap therapy session. It's the solitude that allows me to think a bit more clearly and "de-stress."  Ruffin Rhodes,
This quote was in my email this morning and it seemed to fit in with my last post, so I thought I would share it.

What's better to de-stress than a looong weekend though?! Happy Labor Day weekend!

Wednesday night I had my women's running club meeting (pool party!).
It's always fun to hang with the ladies and enjoy some delicious snacks and wine.

On the way home, I witnessed this sunset. Yes, I pulled over to take a picture. #nerd

It was even better in person.
We've had some amazing sunrises and sunsets lately. They always make me feel at peace.

Thursday night I did a TIU workout. It was one I had never done before - Biker Babes.
It was tougher than it looked! And man, trying to do those squats right after jumping off the bike was quite the balancing act. I almost fell flat on my face.
That would make an interesting story on how I broke my nose...

I got home just in time to throw together a quick pizza using my now favorite 2 Ingredient crust before starting my Fantasy Football draft.
I can't believe football season is practically here!

Yum. Pretty good night at our house -  pizza, wine and football!

Now, just a few more hours of work to get through before the long weekend!
Enjoy and be safe!

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