Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Weekend Review: Welcome to Wedding Week!

Saturday: TIU workout
Sunday: 3.25 mile run
Monday: 3.35 mile run

I hope everyone had an amazing long weekend!

I think we mastered the balance between productivity and laziness!

The weekend began with a pre-wedding pedicure.
You can never go wrong with a pedicure!

Later that evening we relaxed with some wine and pizza.
Perfect Friday night and start to a long weekend!

Saturday I did a TIU workout. I didn't feel like running, but still wanted to get a work out in.
The Santorini Bikini routine required no equipment, so it was easy to do. 
I added in some pushups and dips.
I also took Piper dog for a nice long walk that morning to help prepare her to meet her new human baby sister later in the day.

Sunday morning I got up and forced myself to go for a run.
I knew there was going to be plenty of not-so-good for me eating throughout the day, so why not start out with something that is good for me!

I checked the weather, while still being lazy in bed, and it convinced me to get out and enjoy the cool weather. Pretty soon morning runs will be hot too.
It may have been cool, but it was still HUMID!
And I had a terrible run and called it quits at 3.25.
A bad run is still better than no run.

First we cooked out with the fam then we headed to celebrate our friend's upcoming nuptials at a couples shower. It was my first couples shower and it was quite fun!

So fun in fact, I forgot to take any pictures!

Big dog's eyes always look freaky, so I decided he needed sunglasses to hide them!

We were all tuckered out by the end of the day!

Monday we took care of some wedding tasks in the morning then we got to meet Piper's new baby sister in the afternoon. She is precious!

I can't believe our wedding is THIS weekend!
I am so excited and not the least bit nervous!

The next few days will be full of  last minute errands and packing!

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  1. Weee... I can't believe how much 'regular' stuff you're still getting done pre-wedding. Good for you! Now I better get myself to the post office or my lil surprise will never reach you!!!! xo