Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Not Enough Hours

Tuesday a.m.: 2 mile run, abs, lunges

On my way home from work I stopped by my former roommate's house to meet her baby girl, Charlotte, who was born on Friday!

This is me holding her, but who wants to see a pic of me when you can look at this face instead!
 I could hold her for days. Or at least until she cries.

I wanted to run a few more miles last night, but I decided to clean up the house and finish up some laundry while HTB mowed the lawn. Trying to be responsible is not always fun.
I do like the results though!

If only there were about 10 more hours in each day I might get everything accomplished that I want to in one day.

After our household responsibilities were taken care of we headed to HTB's soccer game.

This morning I wore one of my new Owl Be Sweatin' headbands - black sparkly! Excuse my phone that is hiding my 5:10 a.m. sleepy face.
Love these adjustable headbands!

This morning I made it to the gym a teeny bit late, so I ran 2 miles with lunges in between half miles then did some abs and more lunges. Nothing very exciting, but trying to make the most of the time I had.

Tonight HTB and I have date with the weights at the gym!

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  1. Nice headband! ;) Love mine, thank you SO much again for sending them over. xoxo