Monday, May 13, 2013

Weekend Review: GOTR and Mothers!

Friday: weights
Monday a.m.: 3.5 mile treadmill run, abs

Hello, Monday.
And a belated happy mother's day to all of the mothers to both 2-legged and 4-legged babies!

Friday HTB and I hit the gym. I did a weight work out while he did some cardio on the elliptical machine. Thankfully my workout was fairly quick and not too tough. It had been a long stressful week, so I needed to workout but just didn't have the energy for too much.

Saturday morning we headed down to the Girls On The Run 5K bright and early to help with set up.

We got to cheer on the runners and HTB got to give the girls their medals.
Our niece's best friend ran an awesome race then almost puked right on HTB!
This race is one of my favorites. It is just so inspiring and such a feel good day!

The rest of the day was spent running around. We got to see my dad at the hospital (he's getting better each day!) then I ran a bunch of wedding errands. I can't believe it is getting soooo close!

Sunday we spent all day with all of the amazing mothers in our lives. Moms, step moms, mothers-in-law, sisters-in law, sisters-in law's moms, brother-in law's mom. 
There are a lot of moms in our family, I am so glad we got to see all of them!

This morning I hit the gym for a quick 3.5 miles on the treadmill and then a little ab workout I found in the Self magazine I was flipping through while running.
Hoping to get a few more miles in tonight!

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