Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Ode To My Last Name

Tuesday: 3.25 lunchtime run with Kelly
Wednesday: 2 mile treadmill run, TIU workout + some extras

I'm guessing I won't be posting again before the wedding. I might post a few things on Instagram, so feel free to follow me there!

It's been hard squeezing in workouts with all the extra appointments and errands lately, but I have been trying my best!

I had planned to do two workouts yesterday - one run and one weight; however that didn't quite happen.
I did get a hot run in at noon.

Only 3.25 miles, but with the need for a shower afterward and not having the luxury of a 2 hour lunch, I'll take it!

I felt like I ran a marathon after work last night. I got a manicure, ran a few errands, cooked dinner, started packing and vacuumed out the car. That's got to count as another work out, right?!

In preparation for tonight being absolutely insane, I got up nice and early for work out.

I'm pretty sure even the moon didn't want to be awake.

2 mile treadmill run, a TIU work out + some things I decided to add on just for fun!
Nothing crazy, but much better than nothing!

Well, last name, you have been good to me all of these years.
I was never too far back in the alphabet.
You are easy to spell and pronounce.
You are not too common or too uncommon.
I am going to write you as many times as I can in the next few days before our final goodbye.
Thank you for making me me.


  1. Well, good thing you're known as B! ;) Much harder than being a JenJ (hence my not having changed it yet...). Good luck with the rest of the week. xoxo

    1. That really made me laugh especially given our long text about your last name recently!