Friday, May 3, 2013

Race Weekend Is Here!

Thursday a.m.: Weights
Friday: REST!

I can't believe Flying Pig weekend is upon us!
I hope I am ready!

I did my last weight lifting for the week Thursday morning. I'm trying to give my muscles some time to rest before the race events. Resting is always the hard part, even more so now that the wedding is so close and I have a dress fitting next week too!

Last weight training before the Pig! Can't help but laugh when taking selfies.
Thursday night we had a celebratory happy hour for HTB's work.
I usually try not to drink the week of a race, but HTB deserved some celebrating, so who I am to say no to that?

And then I had froyo with Sarah.
We hadn't seen each other in FOREVER and what better way to catch up then over some Orange Leaf?

I did miss the head shaving party for my friend, but I gave her an early present to get her ready for the Pig events this weekend. She has chemo treatment 2 next week and is running 1 (maybe 2) legs of the relay this weekend.

I picked up this cute Under Armour shirt for her at Dick's.

Time to rest, rest, rest and hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!

The game plan is to run the 10K and 5K easy on Saturday and aim for a PR at the half marathon.
I think that's a lofty goal given my lack of training, but why not go for it?

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