Monday, April 22, 2013

Weekend Review: Wedding To Do's

Friday p.m.: weights
Saturday: 8 mile run outside
Sunday: dog walking
Monday a.m: 2 mile treadmill run

Monday, Monday, Monday!
It was difficult to get up, but I greeted this morning with a very short workout.
A quick 2 mile treadmill run then squats. I am up to date on the squat challenge!

I'm a little behind on my trashy mag reading at the gym - I've been too addicted to news.
Saturday's running club was quite touching. Words can't express how amazing it was just to be with my running family.

 One of our members made the blue and yellow ribbons for each of us to wear. I got to run with my friend that started chemo last week and my friend that finished the Boston marathon just minutes before the bomb went off.
I felt very lucky to be able to run with them.

This weekend we also crossed a few things off of the wedding to do list!
Saturday we found my wedding band! I was stressing about this since we are only 39 days away from the Big Day, I am relieved it is taken care of!
I really didn't care about the wedding band since I LOVE my engagement ring so much, but it was still one more item to do and therefore I stressed.

We had a nice dinner at Wine Guy Kitchen & Bar then hung out with my brother and sister-in-law and the niece and nephews. They are too cute and so much fun to be around!

HTB had to work all day Sunday. I did all the fun errands (Target and grocery shopping) before my dress fitting appointment.

Sorry, this is all you get to see!

After HTB got home he settled in to watch the Liverpool game and I made some homemade pizza for dinner. I finally tried Trader Joe's pizza dough. It's delicious. Inexpensive. And super easy to use.
I may not make my own dough ever again.

I hope this week is less hectic than last week!

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