Wednesday, April 17, 2013

I Love My Running Accessories!

Wednesday a.m.: weights

Since I ran the past two days, I decided this morning was a weight day.
I was unable to do the one leg press because my work gym only has one leg pres machine.
 Woohoo, I've reached the highest automatic weight increase. That's means I'm ripped now, right? Ha.

I am obsessed with running accessories, but honestly haven't been buying too many lately.
#tryingtosavemoney #wedding
I was in need of some new headbands though and saw that Owl Be Sweatin' is donating to Girls On The Run this month!
Perfect excuse to shop!

 Of course as soon as I saw the pink sparkly one, I had to have it!
My favorite thing about these headbands?
They are adjustable!

World's worst pics...and I'm actually posting them?

I'm totally IN LOVE with these headbands.
They stay in place and are super cute!

I'm going to be placing another order very soon!

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  1. SPARKLES, PUH-LEEEEEASE!!!! Or stripes?! :D xoxoxo